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FTC Colville began nine years ago as a Friday night worship meeting in our Pastors home. The meetings started out as a small group of friends and then began to grow. God showed up each and every Friday night and people began to be healed and delivered of sickness, disease and infirmities.

Our Sr Pastor and his wife Debbie realized something was very different during their meetings and wondered what God was going to do through them. A little over a year later, Pastor and his family were at a ministry meeting out of the area. During the service, the guest speaker stopped talking and walked across the audience. She stopped and pointed at Pastor Jeff and said, “I can’t go on as the Lord keeps telling me something! He has told me you are going to be a Pastor and serve Him”.

Needless to say, the whole family was in tears hearing this.

It was a couple of years later when Pastor was called to the home of a very powerful Intercessor. When he showed up and sat down with her, she said, “Jesus told me to tell you, He wants you to be ordained and Pastor His sheep!” Again, Pastor was blown away by God reaching out so powerfully to him.

A year later, he was ordained in the ministry as a Pastor and Shepherd for God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Our roots haven’t changed over the years. While we are now in a commercial building because of our growth, FTC still holds Friday evening worship meetings as well our Sunday services. God shows up at every meeting. Often speaking to us. Miracles take place every time we come together.

Maybe you are looking for a place to go hang out with God on Friday evenings. Or you’re desiring to be part of a vibrant Body who loves. Come! If you find yourself looking for something to do, come worship God on one of our Friday night services. Who knows, you might just find your miracle. Come! Join with us and let’s worship the King. Your invited…

6th and Main
Colville Wa 99114
Fri 6:30PM
Sun 10:00AM

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