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Tongue and Interpretation 02-01-2018

Word of the Lord through Tongues and Interpretation
Leadership meeting

Tongue and Interpretation – Leadership 02-01-2018

Given by J.S.

My children, I will have favor upon whom I will have favor
And I will remove my hand from those whom I will remove it

My children, I have warned this nation
I have said in their ears and in their hearing, “If you are lukewarm, I will spit you out”

I have been pleading with the generations of this nation
I have begged them, “Come to Me!”

They think they have time…

They think they have time…

My children, proclaim it!
Time is short
I am coming!
I am coming, my children!

Proclaim it!
From the mountain tops My children to all who will hear

They do not have time

You My blessed ones
You My leaders
You My chiefs
And you My Priests
Listen now

There is no time…

I have placed the commission on you
Because you have your faces upturned towards me

You know My voice, the sheep of my flock

Your ears are attuned
So, my children, listen, listen

Do you hear the silence?

This land that should ring with worship towards Me is silent

The Fathers heart is grieved
For the people do not know Me
They turn away when I extend my hand

Proclaim it My children, to anyone who will listen

The time grows short

Even today I offered to drive to Spokane to a woman who pleaded for prayer on Facebook. Do you think she accepted the offer? No.

“They turn away when I extend My hand”


Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church

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