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The Great Equalizer

A few months ago, the Lord spoke to my wife during worship at church. He said to her, “Watch Tennessee.  It will be by my hand.”

You might have seen what happened to Tennessee March 3rd of this year.  Multiple tornadoes ripped through a very strategic area of the state. Nashville and the surrounding areas were struck.

I read a report which stated the swath of destruction was ten miles wide. My wife and I knew God had done this to a region that is steeped in sin. We knew this was God’s judgment to a people who look to pleasure rather than God.

I couldn’t help but wonder if God had left His fingerprint on this path of destruction. And sure enough, the ten miles wide is His fingerprint.

Ten is a Biblical symbol for the authority of God and His government on earth.  This number can also represent the Law and the completeness of it.  The number ten boiled down should be the symbol of our obedience and responsibility as people towards God’s Law. There is almost no personal responsibility towards God’s Law today, anywhere.

Do you have any idea how much idol worship comes out of the region in and around Nashville?  The practice of witchcraft is rampant there.  Sexual sin is rampant there.  And what did God do?  He rolled through.

He didn’t show up without warning, though. God always sends men to warn the people of what He will do if they don’t turn. When men refuse to listen, He will cleanse the land.

The Body of Christ doesn’t like the idea that God would do this to His Creation. That’s nice.  God doesn’t like what His Creation does to each other or towards His Kingdom.

After destruction comes to an area, or people group, I don’t ever remember anyone saying, “Wow!  Look what God just did!”

Instead, people blame others, be it companies, weather, insects, decay, even mother nature. Never considering there is no such thing as mother nature.  But there is One who rules overall.  There is One who determines the outcome of every single person and event on this planet.

His Name is I AM.  His Name is Holy.  His Name is Glorious.  His Name is Majestic.  His Name is higher than any other Name.  His Name is Jesus.

Then we have the Coronavirus…

I find it amazing that many in the Body of Christ are panicking over this bug!  Believers don’t know what to believe anymore.  They are afraid they might catch this critter when really, they should fear God.  Why?  Because it is God who is the Great Equalizer.  If the Body of Christ understood the fear of the Lord and walked in His way, there would be no fear of bugs which can kill.

Do you think if Paul of the Bible were alive today, he would be running to Walmart to get toilet paper? What about Abraham or King David? Would they be stocking up on aspirin or antibiotics so that they would be protected? Who is going to protect anyone from God?

What man is going to be saved by a doctor if God is determined to take the life? Oh, the Body of Christ has been lulled to sleep!

God just cleansed an area of America, Tennessee.  He took His Mighty hand and caused the winds to come up, which uprooted the evil and wickedness in the land.  It is God who will come and scour the ground again if the ground refuses to be clean.

I wonder if anyone in Tennessee has repented of their sin? Worse, I wonder if anyone there has made the connection that their sin is what brought the wrath of God to their place?

Enter Coronavirus

Oh, this is incredible to watch!  God is on the move.  While men are thinking, how did this happen?  This little microscopic bug is on the move.  It is looking for anyone it may take down.  And where do you think its orders are coming from?  Who do you believe this living bug is taking it’s orders from? If you think life is a daily random event, you are sorely wrong.

Is this virus a weapon of the demonic realm towards men?  If you think that is true, then ask yourself, “When did the demonic realm learn how to create?”  They can’t!  They are not gods. They do not have the ability to bring anything into creation. Yes, they can persuade men to do this for them, but God is still over all.

So, what is going on with this little thing the news agencies are now calling a pandemic?  Think judgment.  God is on the move…

This little bug has become what I call an equalizer.  It matters little if you are rich or poor.  It matters little if you are a Doctor of Biology or a plumber.  You could be the president of a country or a king over a nation, and this little bug very well could take you out.

This critter favors nobody.  Presidents, kings, and politicians are shaking around the world, knowing there is no protection for them.  Some are even crying out, offering all their money to save their lives.  Worse, some realize they could die in the same manner as a poor man.

People are staying home and barring themselves out of fear. They are purchasing all the goods they can to stay well, never realizing any protection from a Mighty God who has the final say in our lives is futile.

Oh, the Coronavirus is a great equalizer.  Men are shaking.  Men are speaking out of fear now. And while they should fear God, their focus is now on a microscopic critter that is determined to kill.

One of the greatest mistakes a man can make today is to hide from God’s judgment.  To fear the bug over God is a mistake.  Even in the church, which I serve, I am watching men fear that which they have no control over.

They do not have the wisdom needed to realize that God has warned us from doing this.

Matt 16:25 “For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.

Mark 8:35 “For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it.

Luke 9:24 “For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it.

Luke 17:33 “Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.

Four times, Holy Spirit warned the Body of Christ, “Do not try to save yourself!  That would be a mistake.” The number 4 represents everything about God.  In other words, we should see God behind the scenes in everything regarding life.

There are four elements in God’s creation

Fire, Water, Earth, and Air

East, West, North, and South

Morning, Noon, Evening, Midnight

The number four can also mean division.  These four scriptures are a dividing rule for us to follow if we want to live in joy and peace.  These clearly state to us, we have a choice to serve Life through Jesus or serve death.  The option is ours.

These scriptures state clearly, God created everything we know about, and it is He who determines our days. Not the bug. Not the fear.  Not anything.  Yet, the Body of Christ is in a panic now. How silly.

For those who can’t understand why I am so cavalier about this virus, you might go and read Mark 16:15-18. Jesus taught us that for the True believer in Him, we have nothing to fear in this life. Including the enemy or poison. What does it mean to be a True believer? Simply, we believe what Jesus said. Period.

Rather than panic and walk-in fear, what would happen if we took a different approach? What if we laid hands on the sick and prayed for those who are dying? The goal being they might live. What if we laughed at the enemy of our souls and rejoiced in the One who Saves?

We can be the people who lay hands on the sick and watch healing take place, or we can be the sick. We can choose to hide from God or walk with Him.

Sickness is a great equalizer of the rich and poor before our Holy God.  Know this; God is always going to judge sin, whether it is the Church Body or the unholy people of the land. One way or the other, He will ultimately decide every matter.

Each of us can walk through the valley of death worshiping or become part of what everyone is talking about through fear. Choose whom you’ll serve.  Your sin of fear, anxiety, discouragement or God.

With a great love for you and your life

Pastor Jeff

By the way, there are a multitude of people out there who could use this word in their life. Share it with those you love. Encourage others with hope and God will encourage you.

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church


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