Listen to God

God Spoke to us!


I AM coming

My eyes are like flames of fire! Fire!

Can you imagine?

They burn with an intensity for you. An intensity for mankind.

The fire permeates the atmosphere

Do you feel it?

My eyes burn with intensity for you

I AM coming

Be ready

Church be ready!  I say be ready!

This pestilence has only begun.  There is more to come. More tragedy and sorry.

Sorrow brings about hope.  Hope in a Savior.  A Savior to raise them up out of despair they are in.  Sadness overtakes the earth now.  But wait.  More to come.  Sorrows are coming.  The devastation that is upon mankind is imminent.  But why?  Why you ask?

Because I AM God!  I rule with authority over this earth.  I rule with a rod of iron.

I AM God.  And my people do not know me.  I created mankind to be a part of this beautiful rule.  This beautiful reign over earth.  I created mankind for intimacy.

You ask why.  Why?  Because I AM God.

My eyes burn with fire for mankind.  People fear fire.  But My eyes draw them in.

See Me. My eyes penetrate the human soul.


There’s fire in My eyes.  Burning. Burning for mankind to see that I AM drawing them in.  Come dear children.  Come and sit with Me. Come into My courts among the saints. Come sit with the Father and I.

Come spend time with us in our inner courts. Come find peace during this time of hardship. Peace is to be offered.  Holy Spirit is the all-consuming fire that was sent to consume you in My presence.

Burn for Me children.

Burn inside for Me.

I am drawing you in children.  Come and sit in My lap this morning.  Come sit with us in the courts of praise.  Enter in!

Be consumed by the fire in My eye’s dear ones.   Open your hearts to receive.

Today is the day

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church

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  • Anonymous

    It is good to read this again! Wow how quickly we forget or miss things the first time or so! I now know how to get here! Glory to God!

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