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Word from The Lord


This Word came to one of our people on the above date

My Name is above all!

Shout My Name! Shout My Name throughout the regions. My Name is Jesus. I AM above all.

How do you have a revival when people do not know My Name. The generations today have no knowledge of who I AM.

Who am I? I AM the One that came to save mankind. The One who came to bring peace to all.

Peace to all mankind by seeking Me and finding Me in this hour of darkness.

I came to save the masses. Save the lost. Save the broken.

Shout My Name so the people hear My Name. Know My Name! Seeds are being planted amount many.

Among people far and wide.

But, church, speak My Name!

Let them know that these seeds are planted and being brought to life by My right hand. The seeds have been tossed to the ground and are about to breathe life into them by My Father.

My father gives life. He is above all. He is about to pull them out of the grave.

And I AM the One who will bring them to My Father. Life is through Me. Speak My Name, church! Shout My Name! Church!!

Revival is in the streets! Revival is in the streets. Declare it.

The people are crying out waiting for Someone to speak My Name.

Be prepared Church. Revival is coming! Declare the graves to be overcome!

Declare the bones to rise from the graves! Declare the hearts to receive My Name and enter into eternal salvation! Church arise!

Stand! Proclaim My Name to the generations that do not know it.

Church! Stand and declare My Name. I AM He who will save the broken and the weary. Declare My Name church.


Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church

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