Tongues and Interpretation
Tongues and Interpretation

Tongues and Interpretation

Tongues and Interpretation 05-17-2020

Hear Me

I Am the One True God

I give the breath that gives life

I bestow blessings

I cause chaos to the life of the liar

I extend out my hand to the homeless and the wretched on this Earth

With their hardened hearts

They can not see beyond the blindness of their sin

I reach for those believing the lies of Satan

With your hands I reach

With your voice I reach

With your feet I reach

And with your willingness to take Me to them

The Kingdom of God is near

Soon, there will be no more time left

To receive Salvation that is offered

So go into the streets



Deliver My Name to the people

Time will be soon when My Father sends Me upon this earth

To gather His Children

Come near Me now!

Come to Me now!

For I Am the way to the Father


Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church

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