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Tongues and Interpretation 06-26-2017

This is what God the Father said to us during my leadership meeting

Do not grow discouraged
Do not grow weary
Do not grow faint
Do not grow weary My children

My children
My ear is inclined to you My children
I lend My ear to you
For the prayers of My righteous children do not go unnoticed
They do not fall on deaf ears My children
For I listen and I wait

And I hear your voice
I hear your prayers in the night hours
I hear your prayers in the early morning hours My children
And those prayers avail much My children

I mark your words down My children
I pray attention when My righteous children speak to Me
I hear your hearts My children
I hear the longings in your hearts My children
I hear the cries My children

I am not a neglectful Father
I tend to My children

Though you may not see
Though you may not know
I tend to you

Do not lose heart
Do not give up My children

For I am with you
I am with you
I hear you

Who is it that raises you up
Who is it that gives you your next breath
Who is it that touches your heart to beat another beat My children
None but I
None but I My children

I am Righteous
I am Holy
And I do love you

Far more then you will ever know or imagine
Far more then you can ever fathom My children
My love pours out over you
It overflows you My children

Just breath it in
Just breath Me in My children
I am right here


Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church

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