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Tongue and Interpretation 07-07-2017

My children, each of you has heard My voice upon waking this morning
Each of you has come with a word
Each of you has come with a song
Each of you has come with a word, My children

The word that I have awakened you with this morning
You have heard My word

Now carry My word to the people
My people who are perishing
My people who are perishing for their lack of knowledge

Carry the word that you have heard this morning My children
To those who are lost and wandering in this world
Who have lost the ability to hear Me
Because they have ignored My voice over and over
Time and again
And the sound of the world has become so loud in their ears
They cannot hear Me

Be My voice to them my children
For even now they perish

For when you take the word that I gave you this morning
They will hear
They will hear
And you will have turned a sinner from his ways
You will have saved his soul from hell My children
Do you understand

Take the word that I give you
Take it to them


This was heard during my church leadership meeting on this date


Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church