Tongues and Interpretation

Tongue and Interpretation 03-23-2017

This Word was given and it is filled with Revelation of what worship does when presented to God in Spirit and Truth


My holiness surrounds you My children

My holiness pervades you

Invades you

Surrounds you and fills you My children

As you gather in My name to sing my praises

I inhabit those praises

The words that you sing to me My children

They come

They come up to me as a sweet fragrance

And they come back down to you as Light

And They come back up to me as a sweet fragrance

And they come back to you as water

And they return to Me again My children as… sweet fragrance


Beautiful, beyond measure

And they return to you as Fire

And My Fire burns

The dross is gone


And it returns to Me as silver My children

And it flows back to you as righteousness

Continual offering

A continual sweet incense

A continual… flow

Between you my children and Me

Building, building upon itself

So that it goes forth, not only as praise

Not only as worship

Not just for Me

And not only for you


But My praise fills the earth

The words from your lips water the land


It brings forth fertile soil

It brings forth fruit from the fertile soil

And you will see in your lifetime the fruit of your labors My children
More valuable than rubies

More precious

More precious…

This is what God spoke to our church body recently.  I would really suggest you meditate on every line written.  I have never heard or read anything like this in all the years I have served Him.  It is a gift and to be treasured.

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church