Word from God

Tongues and Interpretation 03-04-2018

My children, My children
Hear the sound of your Fathers voice

For I come in the sound of Thundering’s
And I come in the sound of waves
And I come in the sound of a still small voice

Hear the sound of My voice, My children
For I am a consuming fire
Yet you are not consumed

By beloved ones
You who have been presented to Me by My Son

You who have been beloved from before the foundation of the Earth
My Children
You who have been a chosen, a Holy Nation

Whom I have set among My own
So that they might learn My ways

They who rejected Me now see you
My beloved, My Bride, My church, My one

The One that I have chosen for My Son

Oh, children, Oh, Children
Do you know how very beloved you are
Do you know how I rejoice over you My children
How I show you off
How I boast in you

I say to the others
Those who I have set you among
See My servant, how faithful

See My bride
How beautiful

See my friend
How loyal

Follow after these ones

Follow after these ones
For they will lead you to My heart

Oh, do you see My children

I have set you among My chosen people
That they might follow you and come to My heart

They see you
They marvel at you
Yes they mock you

But My children, they cannot deny
The Love that I have placed upon you and the favor I have given you
And children, they desire it
They desire Me, but they do not know

How I glory in You My beloved

You whom I have chosen to be My bride
From the foundations of the earth
Never stop

Continue to worship me with your whole hearts
In Truth and in Spirit

For many battles have been won in this way
Many battles have been won for you this night
Because of your faithfulness

Grow ever closer to Me My children
There are those that are following you

And I AM greatly pleased