Thank you so much for your faithfulness to give into this ministry.

You will have an opportunity to choose how your money is to be used. As a tithe, offering or donation. We care!

If you would like a tax receipt, please fill in your personal information so that we can fulfill this for you.

It is important for you to know every dollar which comes into this ministry is set to grow the Kingdom of Heaven. Your money will be used to support missionaries around the world, people in need, and the growth of this ministry. As well, you help us maintain and grow the live streaming efforts of this ministry. Thousands and thousands of people watch our services every time we go live. Salvations, healings and miracles break out weekly.

Know that you are giving into a ministry where God has His Mighty Hand on what we do, and by giving, you become an extension of this work.

We serve the Lord with gladness of heart day and night.

So thank you!