Welcome to FTC, where our mission is to save souls and empower them to walk in the Power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, experiencing truly abundant lives. As you consider where to invest your money, rest assured that at FTC, we utilize every dollar to advance the Kingdom of Heaven.

Did you know that FTC has a presence in various parts of the world? We currently have two thriving churches in Kenya, a ministry in the UK, and we are actively establishing a ministry in Honduras. Expanding our reach and making a difference in these locations requires financial resources. What sets FTC apart is our commitment to prioritize supporting our remote ministries before allocating funds locally. We are unwavering in our desire to honor our Heavenly Father with our actions.

When you faithfully tithe, you align with God’s divine instructions, just as the prophet Malachi proclaimed. God promises to safeguard your resources from the grasp of Satan, ensuring that nothing fails. Now, let’s talk about offerings—a whole different realm. When you give offerings, it’s akin to investing in Heaven itself. Trust me when I say there will never be a loss in return. God Himself challenges us, saying, “Try Me in this!” So go ahead, put Him to the test. He will never disappoint you, and neither will we.

Join Pastor Jeff, Debbie, and the FTC community as we wholeheartedly pursue our mission to impact lives, transform communities, and bring glory to God. Together, let’s make a lasting difference in this world and beyond.

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