emergency room

Walking in the footsteps of God

God is so amazing to me. He will lead each of us to the most interesting encounters with people who need a touch from Him. Last week, my associate Pastor and me ended up taking a friend and minister to the Emergency room in our local hospital. When we got him checked in, a nurse came out and took him into the ER. Knowing we would have some time before we could go in to see him in his room, we decided to go get some lunch in the cafeteria. After we were done, we went back to the waiting room. It isn’t a very big waiting room, but long and skinny with chairs running down the wall. We sat together at one end. I noticed a lady sitting in a wheel chair holding a small plastic bucket in her lap at the other end of the room. She was holding tissue on her nose and it looked like she might have a bloody nose. I sat there for a moment, then the Lord whispered to me that she was going to be healed. That’s all I needed to hear.

“So, what is going on with you?” I asked.

She replied, “I have had a nose bleed for almost fifteen days now”. Her mother and someone who seemed to be her daughter were standing next to her. I didn’t see any Light of Christ in any of them so I asked, “Would it be alright if I pray for you?” She looked at me and then said, “Yes…” I got up and walked over to her and asked her if I could put my hand on her head. She said that would be fine. I put my hand on her head and prayed.

“Father, I thank You for who this woman is. I know you love her and it is time to set her free of this attack of the Devil. In the Name of Jesus I command this nose bleed to stop. Be healed.” She thanked me and I walked back over to the other side of the room and sat down next to Mark. I watched to see what she would do next. Her mother and daughter continued to take care of her without any faith that the prayer did anything. There was no faith in them. I decided to see if the woman I prayed for had any faith in her. “Why don’t you take the tissue off your nose and see if it has stopped bleeding?” She did. A large glob of blood slipped out into the bucket and that was that. There was no more blood. Her daughter dabbed her with tissue to clean up her face.

What was amazing to me is that this woman rose up in faith. She looked at her mother and said, “Can we go? I’ve been healed.” Instead of them agreeing with her, they insisted she be seen by the ER doctor. The devil loves to make sure we don’t keep our healing’s. It was time to move in and take the victory.

“Mom, would you and your granddaughter mind stepping into the main waiting room for a few minutes? I would like to pray for your daughter by herself.” The mother and granddaughter didn’t know what to do with that. I held my ground in the spirit and waited to see what they would do. Standing up, I thanked them that it would only be a few minutes. “I want to bless your daughter.”

They gave me kind of a “Well!” look and left the waiting room. I went back down and sat across from her in the wheelchair. “Are you ready to be saved? Jesus wants to make sure you are going to Heaven when you die. And you want to have a relationship with Him!” She readily agreed that it was time to be saved. She knew the Lord Jesus had already touched her as she no longer had blood pouring out of her nose.

The reason I had the mother and daughter leave is for the same reason Jesus asked the family to leave before He raised the dead daughter. When there are people without faith standing around faith, it can be hard to see the Glory of God come in and move on behalf of the person who needs the miracle. When the people leave, the sin goes with them. Now that I had her undivided attention, I asked her if she knew she was a sinner with God. At first her sin rose up and said, “Well, I don’t think so…” But then I gently reminded her what sin is with God. She admitted she had been a sinner. She confessed that with Jesus right there in the waiting room. Then I had her open up her heart with both of her hands and ask Jesus to come in and take His rightful place. He did. The Light of Christ dropped right into her and another precious human being was saved! All glory to God alone!

I asked her if I could pray for her and she was very willing. I laid hands on her and blessed her life and we were done. Had our friend not needed to go to the Emergency Room that day, who knows if she would have been healed, let alone saved. God is the Master at putting people together for His purposes. It is a miracle to walk in the footsteps of God. I trust you will want to do this yourself.

May this story go out as a testimony of Gods Grace in our lives.

With love and respect

Pastor Jeff

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church