The Power Of God To Change Us

I took a team of Pastors to Kenya on a missions trip. We were invited to stay with a family of pastors up in the bush area. To say that this trip was incredible would be an understatement. When it comes to spiritual experiences that I have had with God, there has been nothing to compare with what we experienced there. In America, the spirits of doubt and unbelief are powerful and hold back the miracles revealed in many other countries. They hold back people from having tremendous encounters with Heaven as a result. Many who hold to their faith in Christ, never experience the miraculous or supernatural as a result. Worse, doubt and unbelief cause multitudes to die without the saving knowledge of Christ.

Holy Spirit went into the crowd and grabbed onto a woman who was in line…

When we arrived at what would be our home base on this trip, we were introduced to a people who I still deeply love and pray for even today. Many of those turned out to be walking in deception and lied to us, but we still care for them as people. What I noticed about Kenya is that the people walk in fear and poverty most of their lives. Because of this, they are also very suspicious of each other. I found Kenya to be a country without comfort. It didn’t matter where we went. Comfort was not part of their vocabulary or landscape. The devil has robbed these people of so much that God wants to give them.

Little did I know when The Lord spoke to me a few months earlier that I would be encountering Him in such marvelous ways. From the very beginning of our stay, we began to minister to crowds and many individuals. The family we stayed with set up conferences almost every day for the first couple of weeks. As a result, many individuals came from all over the region to hear the white people speak about God, His Son Jesus and Holy Spirit. Most of the people didn’t want to hear more Bible stories. What they were after was seeing the Power of God move for them. Let me tell you, God didn’t let them down. Multitudes were healed and delivered of major sin issues in their lives. What made the trip exciting for us is when God began to do things we had never experienced ourselves. Oh, I have stories to tell…

In one church, we were introduced to a possessed girl who was in her early twenties. She was a beautiful young lady but the Devil had stolen her life away through witchcraft which ran in her family line. Worse, she had played with it herself, harming others along the way. Her sin had taken a deep toll in her life as demons began pouring into her and using her like a puppet doll. We asked her if she was ready to come out of the witchcraft and turn her life to the Lord. She wanted it more than anything. But the demons would hear nothing of it. She was at a church service where we were preaching and asked to be helped.

The moment we began to pray, a spirit of deafness would cover her hears and another spirit would make her fall asleep instantly. The goal for them was that her spirit wouldn’t hear us pray for her. This went on for about a half our with our pastoral team and the church body warring for her. As we continued to kick the demons out of her, she began to stay awake more and more, and after an hour, she was delivered and then saved. Soon after, she was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Later, we included her with our trips out to peoples homes to do ministry. What we didn’t realize is God gave her a gift beyond measure. He opened her eyes to see the spiritual realm. She saw angels and the demons as we ministered to others. Most of the time she was in tears as she had realized what God had done for her. She told us that Jesus was standing with us as we spoke and prayed with people. She was a real treat to us.

The reason I decided to write this story is because I want to share one little snippet of how God showed off His Power during one of our crusades. You are going to see for yourself the Power of God touching an individual in a very unique way. This person’s life will never be the same again. All of us, after experiencing His Power will never want to turn away.

During a crusade meeting, we finished up preaching and teaching a crowd and opened up the grounds for prayer. People began to come up and stand in crowds to receive prayer. We were leading many to salvation one by one. During part of the prayer time, God moved in a powerful way and what is funny to me is I missed it. It would be later on that I would see it on a video recording. The reason I even heard about it was one of my friends who is also my associate pastor today saw what God did. He is a seer and watched as Holy Spirit came from the East, came over a building and headed towards one of the people in the crowd. He saw the Fire hit her and pick her up and carry her backwards like a rag doll. She went flying back, trying to maintain her balance and ended up on the ground.

You will see her arm up praying at the beginning of the video below. People were watching her flail as she went backwards but had no idea what was happening to her. When she was picked up by friends of hers, she was speaking in tongues, filled with the Holy Ghost. It took her a couple of hours to get back to some sort of normal. When we talked with her, she told us little bits about what she saw and it was over the top. Clearly an experience for her alone. Doesn’t this seem like the story of Acts 2?

Many miracles took place that day. At the other end of the line was a young boy who was crying uncontrollably. The only thing he wanted was to see Jesus. Nothing we said to him would console him. He was determined to see Jesus for himself. Pastor Mark who is a seer himself kneeled down with him and asked him if he had the faith to see Jesus. Through an interpreter he told him he did. Pastor Mark laid hands on him and asked God to open his eyes. He did. The boy looked up and saw Jesus standing in front of him. I can’t even describe the look on his face or the tears that came down with that.

I wrote this story for you. I want to build your faith in God. He will accomplish more than you can even imagine if you will but set your heart to Him alone. Open your gates for the King of Glory to come in take over your life. The demonic realm would love to keep you doing little for God. Take a stand and ask God, “What do you have for me to do Lord?”

I hope this story pushes your faith up a notch. He is so amazing and will do these things around you as well. All you have to do is step out.

Love and blessings

Pastor Jeff Mauer

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Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church