McDonalds Drive up

Hot Chocolate Encounter

The girl working the drive-through window at McDonald’s had no idea my wife and I were watching her make our hot chocolates. We had just left watching a movie at the theater and knowing we had a long drive home, stopped for something to warm us up.

While we sat in the car at the window, we both noticed the girl was really struggling making our drinks. She was grabbing and tossing things angrily as she made them. Clearly frustrated about something in life, while she tried to hide her emotions with her co-workers, we were watching the whole thing.

The world has no idea that our emotions are really a very wonderful mix of gifts. Gifts from God or gifts from Satan. Each of us hold an accumulation of our life collection of these gifts. Some people walk in joy, peace and happiness in their life. Others in hate, anger, bitterness and frustration. And other walk in a mixture of both.

You might want to know that these gifts are called feelings. We feel them don’t we? When we are happy, we feel happiness in us. We never stop to wonder what that happiness is, but know this, it is a gift from God. Kind of like an ingredient.

When we feel anger, rage, wrath, bitterness etc, we are “feeling” ingredients in us that are not from God. Yet they are in us nonetheless.

Watching this girl struggle, I knew she was having some very strong issues working in her life. She may have thought it was a work or relational problem, but the truth is she was manifesting something which is operating in her. Worse, she had fallen victim to their voices.

When she brought out drinks to the window and began handing them to us, the moment I took the second drink, I said to her, “Let me have your hand.” I reached out to her and she took my hand. I then began to pray for her.

I asked Papa to bless her. To take away the pain she was going through. To show her His love for her. To bless her. She began to soften and took her headset off so that she could hear better. I blasted her with one blessing after the next.

Then I told her, “I want you to know something… God loves you so much that He sent a Pastor all the way from Colville to pray for you tonight.” She was blown away that God would love her that much, let along even know her.

My wife and I pulled out of the drive smiling. Thanking God for the Kingdom Appointment we had just had. An opportunity to speak life into someone who was desperate for God to move for her.

I don’t know if I will ever run into her again on this side of Heaven. My hope is she will fall in love with the One who holds her next breath. Jesus. And that she will be introduced to His Father in Heaven who Created her. And then Holy Spirit. The One who will walk with her and guide her days as she heads home.

With love for your life

Pastor Jeff

So many people read these stories but hardly ever are they shared with their friends or relatives. These stories are designed to grow your faith. Your job is to pass it along.

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church

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