Woman on bench

A Miracle Waiting to Happen

For the woman who needed a miracle, little did she know it was on the way…

I took our daughter Emma to Spokane yesterday for an appointment. After we did some running around we then decided to go to the mall to get some dinner.

We talked about life and stuff over the meal and I realized our daughter is growing up. She is turning from a teen to a young adult right before my eyes. I kept thinking how wonderful God is in how He creates us and then grows us up. But also knowing the battle against us is fierce along the way.

There is an adversary who is always going to and fro looking for whom he may devour. If you don’t think that is true… Maybe you should consider this. The medical industry in America is now the biggest money changer we have. Hospitals are packed out with patients who don’t have any idea why they are there.

After we were done eating, we walked the mall looking for someone who might need a touch from God. We weren’t finding anyone after quite a while, so we decided to leave the building and head home.

We were just about to leave when I noticed an older woman sitting on a bench waiting for someone. What I really noticed was she was wearing an oxygen tube. It was firmly placed on her nose giving her a rich concentration of life every time she worked to take a breath.

I remember seeing her but also noticed my feet were still headed towards the exit. All of the sudden, I was turning right and headed towards her. I smiled because I knew an angel had turned me towards her. Like, “Hello! Over here Jeff…”

Emma knew what was happening as I swung towards the woman and she followed. We sat down next to her and I smiled at her.

“Do you believe in miracles?”, I asked. “I see you are struggling with your lungs. What’s going on?”

While she tried to tell me, she had to take a deep hard breath to get the oxygen into her lungs.

I have a disease in my lungs, she said.

“That’s nice… You’ve been lied to by the Devil. And today is going to be one of the best days you’ve ever had. I’m a Pastor and walk in healing. Are you ready for your miracle?”

“Yes!”, she didn’t even hesitate. She was even smiling and I could see the Spirit of Grace working in her. I could see she walked in faith and that’s all I needed to get her healed. Just a little faith…

I looked into her eyes and noticed she wasn’t saved. There was no Light of Christ in her. But the Lord told me, “She loves Me Jeff.”

So I said, “You love the Lord don’t you?”

Oh yes… She smiled thinking about Him.

The Lord told me she was raised Catholic but had never asked Him into her heart.

“I want you to say something to Jesus. I want you to say, “Jesus, I’m a sinner, please forgive me.”

She did.

“Now, I want you to take both of your hands and I want you to open up the doors over your heart.” I showed her what I meant and she did and she followed suit. Right there in the mall, she was holding open those incredible doors that either let Jesus in or keep Him out.

I said, “Now I want you to ask Jesus to come in and take His rightful place on the throne inside of you.”

When she did, I saw the Light of Christ drop right into her. She was as saved as she never be more saved. Glory to God!

I was smiling thinking how awesome it is to let Jesus into our hearts. That once He steps in, there is no going back. And a person knows when He steps in. That person can’t ever be the same again. I was filled with joy at that moment.

Continuing on…

Asking her, “So, the Lord has told me that you have lived a life of reviling others. Is that true?”

She lowered her head and nodded yes. The shame hit her like a blow from a hammer. She knew she was guilty before God.

“The Lord has told me you are a very judgmental woman and have walked in offense towards others. Is that true?”

She continued to nod her head up and down confirming the Word I received from Heaven.

“God wants to forgive you and set you free. The reason you are struggling with your lungs is because the devil has a legal right against you. You have broken the laws of God by speaking out against others. This is why Jesus came to the Earth. So that you may be forgiven. Are you ready?”

She said, “Yes….”

I led her to the courtroom of Heaven and stood with her as she confessed one sin after another. Including her parents sin. She asked God to forgive them as well. She was standing in the gap for them even though they are long gone.

I taught her that she would need to stop declaring her sickness and disease ever again. If so, she would be inviting the stuff back in. She understood.

Placing my hand on her shoulder, I bound up all the confessed sin and cast it out of her, just like the Disciples did two thousand years ago. I watched as demons fell out, flew out, angrily came out of her. Some flew off towards the mall exit.

Emma and I both noticed that she wasn’t huffing to breath any longer. I smiled knowing she was being healed right before our eyes. It’s interesting that she didn’t notice it. She was already able to breath without the oxygen.

You might be interested to know that lungs get filled with what look like spiders. They get so packed in us we can’t take a breath. Just because we can’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Our flesh always shows what’s happening in the spiritual. It always shows us what were bound to because of sin in our lives.

I started praying for her life. Blessing her. Removing curses and witchcraft from her. Casting down all vain imaginations. Binding up every ungodly mindset she had come into agreement with over the years.

Then I bean to speak life into her. I prophesied over her future. I removed all hope deferred and replaced it with a good word.

Emma and I noticed she was sitting up tall again. The weights and chains were being loosed from her. She didn’t notice. It was so interesting.

I got up and said, “Ok, stand up! Tell me how you feel.” She got right up and said, “Oh my goodness. I have my strength back. I can leave the mall without having to sit down along the way.”

I gave her some instruction in how to keep her healing. How to walk rightly with God and we hugged and left.

There is nothing I would rather do then lead people to Christ and then show off the Power of God to heal.

I Hope this testimony encourages you to do the same. People are desperately in need of you to stand up and do the same. You just need to be the hands of Jesus and speak for Him.

Please share this on your wall so that hope will arise in those who need a touch from God.

Love and blessings

Pastor Jeff Mauer

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Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church