The Last Penny

You Should Know

Most Christians today don’t give much thought towards the demonic realm

Partially because their taught from pulpits they don’t need to worry about them. I have sat under Pastors who taught that we don’t have them in us as Believers. Further, it’s better if we just leave them alone.

All of which is untrue.

I have been blessed to have a church body where God has granted me people who walk in amazing gifts. Currently, the church has numerous seers, healers, prophets, intercessors, worshipers and other gifts.

I can’t even begin to tell you what it’s like to have my seers gather together after a service and compare notes. Sometimes they all saw the same things while other times, God instead allowed them to see very specific things just for them.

The truth is, the more my church matures, the harder it’s getting to share what God is doing within our walls. For the most part, people just don’t want to know. And if they really did, they would want to be part of it.

Because the Body of Christ has been taught false doctrine (doctrines of demons), people are now afraid to hear how amazing the Spiritual Realm is. Let alone Heaven.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve begun a sentence with “Oh, do you want to know what God did during our church service last week?” Most people will look at their watches and say they have to run. It’s so weird…

If I were to tell someone about what the angels were doing during our service, they would instantly say, “Oh, we’re not supposed to worship angels! That’s dangerous…” That is what a parrot would say if it heard it over and over again. That’s what I hear. Parrots speaking.

Yet, all I want to do was share what the angels were doing for our Lord Jesus Christ. So that they would grow in their faith.
So they would realize there is more to God then getting into Heaven.

The Bible tells us that in the last days the very elect will be deceived. For years, I worried I would come into agreement with the enemy and believe something wrong. Yet, what I am finding is that the Body has already been deceived in what is real and what they should be doing as a Believer.

For example, the church is espousing the Rapture as being eminent. That’s nice. The problem is it causes people to think it’s ok to sit on their hands and wait for Jesus. When what they should be doing is unpacking their bags, hitting the marketplace and laying hands on the bound. They should be busy doing instead the work of Christ instead of sitting. But they aren’t.

I could share what God is doing during our services, but honestly, even you might not want to know, or believe. If Paul, Timothy, Matthew, King David, Samuel, Esther, John, or hundreds of sold out believers in the Bible were with me, that’s all we’d be talking about.

Can I say this… God is not dead. His Throne is very alive and well. The City of Heaven is packed out with people pushing towards God to worship and adore Him for who He is. And guess what? There are angels there. Go figure.

Heh… there are also creatures you don’t know about. There are living beings that you haven’t ever thought about. And more, everything in Heaven is living. Everything. It’s a cool place. You don’t want to miss it.

Would you get all twisted up to know that I send angels to go and do the words I pray for every time I pray? Am I worshiping them? No! I’m using what God has given me to do my job as a Believer.

There is so much to learn people. You are never going to learn being spoon fed from the pulpit. Ever! You need to make your walk with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, personal… Intimate.

Let me get back to my original reason for writing this…

If you knew you had demons in your home, would you care? You should.

If you knew you had angels around you, would you care?
You should.

If you knew you could kick the demons out of your house, and off of your land, would you care? You should.

If you knew the thoughts you often think are demonic, not of God… Would you care? You should.

If you realized that you’re often holding whole conversations in your mind and for some reason you never give a second thought that you are, would you care?

Paul of the Bible told you what to do with your thoughts. To take them captive. But honestly, I meet very few Believers who even realize they aren’t their own.

Did you know Paul also said you aren’t wrestling with flesh and blood? Do you know what that even means? Do you know what caused your last headache or why your back hurts? You should.

If you and I are not wrestling with flesh and blood then why do we spend so much money on our flesh and blood?

The scriptures teach us that we are wrestling with princes, powers, mights, demonic spirits. Yet, I can’t ever remember hearing a Believer say, “I’ve got a cold. But I know I’m not wrestling with my flesh or blood.” Do you get what I’m teaching you yet?

Here is what I want to say to you… Your life is not what you think it is. Oh, in the physical you might perceive your life to be this or that. But the truth is, you are living out a spiritual life in a body of flesh.

And all around you, the spiritual realm teams with life and wonders.

More, God has given you a voice. Why? Why in the world did God give us the ability to speak? Because we are made in the image of God. And if you remember, God spoke in all that we know. It would be a bummer if God never opened His mouth wouldn’t it?

God has said to you, “Speak!”

He has said to you, “Take dominion!” (Use your lips)

He has said to you, “Ask me for anything in My Name and it will be granted to you.” Anything! Seems pretty creative. Much like God is Creative. But it takes your voice to become creative as God is Creative. It takes you to believe what I’m teaching you right now, before Heaven will move on your behalf. James 1

Why am I telling you all this? Because the devil speaks. He uses witches to speak. He uses your neighbor and boss to speak. All wrong things.

He even knows what to speak over your life hoping you will come into agreement with the lie. The demons all have voices.

So do you!

You should really know about the demonic realm. Their doing a lot of speaking against you and your family. When in reality, you should be speaking against them. Mt 5:25

You should be using your lips.

You should be using your angels.

You should be using your voice to worship God.

You should be using your tongues to build the vehicles for warfare.

Or, you can go through life hoping for the best.

If you want to know more about the demonic realm, the angelic, God your Father, Jesus His Son, Holy Spirit, you could order my book and study it out. It’s packed with revelation.

With great love for your life

Pastor Jeff Mauer

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church