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Why Am I Sick Again

I was reflecting recently how I used to get sick every year. Sometimes I would be sick two or three times in a single year. Most of the time it was a cold, but there were many years where I had the flu on a regular basis. Not any more… I wonder how much I have spent on doctors visits in my lifetime?

What about you? Are you sick all the time and wonder why the junk keeps coming your way?

I am about to reveal why you get sick so that you can take back your life and stay well. I am not going to talk to your about your diet, how you sleep at night or the weather. I am going to point out how God has told us why we get sick. It’s so interesting to me that the Bible tells us why we sick but nobody wants to read or hear about it anymore. Yet, without knowing the Truth, we are not going to have success in life.

Honestly, whether you believe in God or not currently will never change who He is. But there has never been a better time for you to learn the truth about why your life is a roller coaster. For that reason, I am writing this post as if I was talking to you personally. You matter that much.

God isn’t going to change who He is whether you believe in Him or not. He is a God and King and more, He created you for His good pleasure. It seems odd to me that so many people look for answers about their lives but refuse to accept the basic truth of who He is. God has given each of us free will to choose life or death. Because of this, there is a strong battle against each of us. Just know the battle is spiritual and shows up in the physical.

Let me state a truth to you that you should really begin to believe;

Sickness and disease hate you

You might find that a strange comment, but it is the truth. For me to be able to explain what that means, you first need to understand the spiritual realm. The Kingdom of Heaven is a place where there is no sickness. There is no disease there. Sin isn’t invited in. What you should know is that the spiritual realm is a divided realm. It is either Light or darkness, and there are beings who are either from the Kingdom of Light (Heaven) or the kingdom of darkness (second heaven). Satan is the ruler of the second heaven currently. It is where we find the term demonic realm. These beings are dark and have no Light in them. They are void of anything Good from God.

Why am I telling you this? Because they only have one goal and you are it. They want to make sure you never walk rightly with God who rules the whole universe from His throne in Heaven. The demonic realm is unclean. They are liars and have no ability to speak the truth. Just know they are always speaking to us. What you hear all day long often are their words and you receive them as if they are your own thoughts. When God speaks, He speaks life and love to you. When the demonic realm speaks, they speak lies and entice you to think and do things that go against the commandments of God.

For example, let’s say I was a demon and I was told to make you my current project. How would I influence you into a life away from God? First I would come to you and speak lies about who you are and those who love you. I would make sure that I speak in first person so that you think you are hearing yourself.

“I hate how I look today!” The next thing you know you are thinking poorly about yourself.

“Mom is always in a bad mood…” Whether she is or not, that is your new view of your mother.

What is interesting is that we don’t perceive that these thoughts aren’t our own. All because we hear them in the fist person (as if we are speaking to ourselves). In the Bible Paul instructed us to take our thoughts captive. Why would he tell us to do that? Because Paul had the revelation on the spiritual realm. He knew how the demonic realm operates.

Demons often speak to us in the first person

“How am I going to pay my rent this month?” Demons love to create in us a life of worry. Why would they do that? Because they want to cause us to breach the commandments of God.

Matthew 6:25 (NKJV)
25 “Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?

That isn’t a suggestion from Jesus. It is a commandment. He didn’t suggest that we don’t worry. He told us not to. The kingdom of darkness can do nothing to us unless they can get us to walk outside of the commands of God. When was the last time you worried about anything? Just know that worry and stress are both going to lead you to be sick.

Worry and sickness will lead you to be sick

In order to move along here, I want to make some statements so that you will begin to see how important it is to walk rightly with God.

  • God is a God, and the only God
  • God is a King
  • God, being a King, requires us to follow His commandments/li>
  • If we don’t, God will judge us with sickness
  • There are different types of sickness and disease
  • Each sickness (judgement) has a time frame (until the last penny is paid)
  • If we refuse to confess our sin to God through Jesus, we will be sick until it runs its course
  • If we continue on sinning our sickness will turn to disease
  • There is only one way to get rid of a sickness or disease, Jesus
  • We have to confess the sin to someone else
  • That someone else should anoint us with oil
  • That someone else should pray for us to be healed
  • We have to be washed by His Blood

These are very foundational truths when we look at Gods kingdom. There can be slight variations in each statement. For example, I have prayed for people who didn’t have the ability to confess their sin to me, yet they were healed after I prayed for them. (The prayers of a righteous man avail much)

I have prayed for people without using anointing oil and they have been healed. Just know God is not going to be placed in a box by us. He can do whatever He wants to do. He is a King and nobody is going to dictate to God what He should or should not do. Just know that God will show mercy to those who are merciful to others.

If you want to have a cold, worry. If you want to have a longer cold period before you are well, walk in stress. Why would this happen to us? Because God told you not to serve your sin. Worry and stress are both sin issues. They are living spirits and when we listen to worry and stress rather than the love of God for our lives, we are going to pay a price in order we turn back to Him.

Is God an angry God who likes to make us sick? Of course not! He is a loving God who will correct you until you turn back to Him. He wants to be a great Father to each one of us, to bless and love. But when we refuse to trust Him by worrying about our lives, that is the same thing as saying, “God, I don’t trust You!”

When we continue in our sin and will not turn back to God and trust Him, we run the risk of having disease settle into us. Think of sickness as the precursor to disease. Once we have enough sickness, disease follows. Another way to think of that would be a house filled with cockroaches. Early on, the house is still a place where we can live even though the critters are gross. But once they multiply and grow in stature, disease can show up.

A few years ago, I got a sore throat and thought, “Lord, I have opened a door to sin. What is it?” He immediately told me what I had been worried about and I fell to my knees and asked Him to forgive me. I repented right there and then. By the time I got up again, I was healed. There is no substitute to living for God and being healthy and happy in life.

If you are fighting sickness or disease in your life, you may need the help of someone else to get you over the hump. Go to them and confess your sin. All of it. Do not hold back. Why would anyone play with their life? Then ask Jesus to forgive you of it right in front of the person you are with. Ask the person to pray for you and declare your healing. They should anoint you will oil before they pray. Regular olive oil is fine. Then have them cast the sickness out of you. Lastly have them plead the Blood of Jesus into you and you are done.

We have ignored the Word of God long enough. I hope this helps you to learn how to overcome your sin and live a wonderful life.

With love for who you are,

Pastor Jeff Mauer

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Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church