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Why Am I Here

The question of the ages… It’s been answered over and over again, but the battle to keep the truth from you has been intense.

If you are asking, you clearly don’t know how important you are…

For over forty-five years, I’ve heard people ask, “Why am I here?” There is a deep longing to know what our life is all about. People often go about searching here and there looking for anything to answer the question but are left empty in the end. Some people spend money to feel good about their lives. Others use sexual relationships to find their answer, but in the end they still feel like empty shells.

Most humans feel lost and empty in life because they truly don’t recognize who they are and why. Many have described their lives as being full of grief with no purpose. What I am about to teach you is going to cause you to have to make a decision. You see, it does no good to find an answer and then turn from it. You will have to make a choice, and it will be awesome!

You are here for God’s good pleasure

Let me show you a scripture found in the Bible which will help you understand this.

2 Thessalonians 1:11-12 (NKJV)
11 Therefore we also pray always for you that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfill all the good pleasure of His goodness and the work of faith with power,
12 that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified in you, and you in Him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Paul of the Bible, was telling the early church in Thessalonica the truth about what I am about to teach you. Those people were probably asking the same question. “Why are we here?” You see, nothing has changed over the centuries. People are desperate to find meaning in life. They want to fulfill something that is wired in them, but often can’t discern what it is.

God has already planted His desires in your heart

In order to really understand the answer of your life, you have to have a right perspective of who you are and who God is. Whether you believe in God matters little in the big picture. He believes in you. In fact, He made you. He has fearfully formed you in your mother’s womb. Whether you’re tall, short, skinny or fat matters little in the big picture. God has created you because He loves you just as you are. He has made Himself invisible to you on purpose. He wants you to live by faith alone. You should know that God loves you beyond measure.

Throughout all the struggles you’ve had in your life, God has been there for you. I have met many people who know they should be dead already, but God has a huge measure of grace for us. He has saved our lives and has sent that ultimate Savior to finish up the work He began.

The key to understanding your life is the word Redemption

There is one thing that God is hoping you will do in your lifetime. That is for you to ask His Son Jesus to enter your life. Many use the Name of His Son as a cuss word, but God still presses on with us. He is the One who can change a Name to be our Salvation.

There is constantly a spiritual battle going on around you. There are angels, and there are demons. There is Light, and there is darkness. God has shown us the two in nature so that we can discern it in the spiritual. Just know that the Light and dark are fully opposed. The good news is, when Light enters a dark place the darkness must flee. Are you ready to come into the Light?

I find it interesting that there so many movies like Star Wars that show the duality of the two kingdoms. Yet, people still don’t discern the truth which is right in front of us daily. Even nighttime comes as a reminder of the other kingdom.

The Kingdom of Heaven is very real. So too is the kingdom of darkness. You might be interested to know that the Lord God Almighty rules over all the kingdoms. Those in the spiritual realm and physical. I’m curious to know which kingdom do you count yourself among?

The battle is strong and few recognize it

The Kingdom of God is filled with joy, wonder, and peace. There the water of God’s love overflows constantly. God permeates Heaven with His Light and love for all of his creations. He is not the mad angry God who is looking to wipe out our lives. Satan has a great time doing all that.

The kingdom of darkness is just the opposite; it is pitch dark and dry. The spiritual beings found there are always at odds with each other. Hate, injustice, lies and, death permeate that kingdom as it rallies its’ plans and purposes against God. The battle is strong, but few will ever recognize what is causing it.

I want to say something to you in a way that you might fully realize the truth here. God made you for His good pleasure. Because of His love for you, He sent His Son to die on a cross. Jesus is not some four letter word to be used in error. His Name is above all names, and carries with it great Power. In order to tap into the that power, you must truly have to be of the household of God.

Many turn from this truth because they are blinded by their own sin. They hate their parents, their relatives, their own souls and refuse to imagine a Father figure in their life who would love them unconditionally. The error in this is that God will. He is the perfect Father we all should have had.

God will never let you down, forsake you, or leave you. There is only one condition… You have to give your life away. You have to decide to either let Jesus’s Light in, or continue chasing after the darkness. One will lead you to life; the other to your death.

While this seems like a simple decision to make, I am amazed at how many people refuse the invitation to live. Many are so hurt they cannot fathom trusting God at this point. Yet, it is the very thing they need the most. Someone they can trust unconditionally. Some hear a little voice telling them they have to change, and become something they don’t want to be. That isn’t a word from God that is a lie from the kingdom of darkness.

I’m a father myself, and every day I have to allow my children room to grow, and make their own way in life. I could force myself into their life, but in turn I would end up with rebellious children. God is the same way. He lets us make our decisions, but know just like a perfect Father would, He is constantly trying to get you to come back to Him. He will not give up until you make a decision one way or the other. Be careful what you decide; for it will become a decision that changes your eternity.

The kingdom of darkness is constantly pulling us from God

I want to tell you something which may convince you to turn to the Light. I walk with others who have been to Heaven. These people have seen Jesus face to face. They’ve been to the city of Heaven and to Gods throne. They have seen much more than what I’m willing to share here, but I am telling you this to build credibility with you about God. He is very real. Just know, the darkness will want you to think that what I am telling you is a lie. It isn’t.

Despite the fact that our yearly calendar is based on the life of Jesus, people still refuse to see the connection. Jesus was here on earth, and He did do what the Bible teaches.

Did you know you are actually made in the image of God? You are so unique and important to God that there isn’t another person on the planet who is the same as you, and there never will be. That is how important you are.

I need a Father I can trust!

Yes, you do… If you haven’t given your life to God yet, today is a great day to do it. Forget what everyone around you thinks. This is a choice you need to make for yourself.

I want to make you a promise… If you will follow my instruction to ask Jesus into your life right now, you will know that you have been saved. You will. Aren’t you ready to live again? In order for that to happen, you have to die by giving your life to Jesus. I’m not talking about a physical death, but a spiritual one. After you do this, you will become the treasure of God and His Son Jesus. Oh, I can tell you it will be awesome!

I have led thousands of people to Jesus, and each one knew they were saved once and for all after they prayed with me.

God is not asking you to do something you can’t. He is asking you to trust Him by inviting His Son into your life. Trust Him. Even if every person in your life has let you down, God will not.
Wherever you are, standing, sitting, or maybe even lying in bed…

Open your mouth and say the following:

“God, I don’t know You, but I want to.”
“I need a Father who I can trust”
“I confess I’m a sinner and have broken your commandments. I deserve death”
“I have done things and said things that have hurt others and myself.”
“I am asking You to forgive me now!”

Take your hands and open up those swing doors over your chest. They cover your heart and it is time for you to let Jesus in. Swing them wide open!
Now, pray the following:

“Jesus, I don’t know You, but I trust that You have died on a Cross for me, for my sins. I want to know You personally, and I ask and invite You into my heart now. Come Lord”
When you feel Him enter you, close your doors. You will know…

If you have prayed this prayer, and felt Jesus enter your heart, you are now one of Gods children. You are part of the household of God. Everything has just changed for you. You are no longer counted as part of the kingdom of darkness. Get excited! Your life has been redeemed by God.

What good will it do if you have let Jesus into your life, and you turn back to the darkness? Nothing. Now is the time to chase after the Light with all your heart.

Find a Spirit filled Christian church, and tell the people you just got saved. Introduce yourself to the Pastor, and tell him you want to be water baptized. It’s a must. Do not fear doing this. The kingdom of darkness will do all it can to stop you from doing this. It is very important you follow through quickly. Get water baptized.

Get yourself a Bible and begin to read a little bit every day. Attend Bible study so that you can learn quickly the things that you are going to need to know to move forward in your life. Just know that God will lead you every step of the way. You just need to trust Him.

If you have prayed this prayer and know that you have been saved, please leave a comment below. We want to be praying for you to have a great life.
With love and blessings from a man who cares,

Pastor Jeff Mauer

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church