What Happens When I Die

While in Kenya on a missions trip, I was invited to speak at a funeral service for a woman who had died. The service was out in a very large open field and when my team and I got there, I realized there must have been over two thousand people in attendance. Tents had been set up for the people to sit under. Folding chairs had been supplied. The Lord had told me just before I went to sleep the previous night that I would be speaking. After we arrived, my team was shown to our seats, but only five minutes later, I was asked to speak. As I stood up to walk over and stand in front of the huge crowd, I asked the Lord, “What do you want me to deliver to Your people?” I knew before I got to the microphone what He had for them.

First of all, I want to thank the family for allowing me to be part of your service. I’m sorry each of you have lost a grandmother, mother, sister or friend. I want to reflect with you what I have learned over the years as I have attended funerals. I noticed something. I noticed that every time we go to these, there is the casket begging the question, “What happened to my loved one?” Nobody can go to a funeral and not wonder. Do you know that every one of us are going to face a casket some day. Then the funeral will be for us and people will be forced to ask the same question. Today, I see that casket over there under that little tent and wonder where is your friend now? Where did she go? Is she just asleep awaiting for something? Or has she gone ahead of us to a land where we all should desire to end up. That land is in Heaven above.

Everything I was saying was being interpreted, but I can tell you this, I had the attention of every single person there. Some of them were looking over at the casket wondering where their loved one had gone. That question couldn’t be avoided now.

I want to tell you a truth and I hope you are listening today. For nobody knows when their going to take their last breath. Some of you may not even make it home and your life will be taken. So listen to me as I tell you what the Bible says about death. For those who have asked Jesus, The Son of the Most High God, into their hearts; who have accepted the most loving invitation from God for salvation; that person will immediately be taken into the presence of Jesus. There will be no more death for that person. But if you sit there today and wonder whether you have been saved or not, you probably aren’t. For me, that would have to be a terrifying place to be. For those who die without the Spirit of Christ in them; when they die, their spirit is going to leap out of the flesh and be greeted by demons. The demons will place chains on that spirit and lead the person away into the darkness. All because that person didn’t want to be in the Light. The Light I am talking about is Christ Jesus. It won’t matter at that point what anyone thinks about their choices. It will be too late. That person will have had their chance on the earth. Know this, there will be no second changes after we die.

I didn’t need to say anything else. So I it was time for me to make the Kings invitation for salvation.

I would ask that every single person here close your eyes. I want you to look at that casket in your imagination and see yourself laying there now. What do you want people to know about your destination after you die? Do you want them to wonder what happened after, or do you want them to know that you have made it into the Glory of God? That is your choice and you can make it right now. God loves every single person here. But do not think for a moment that He sent His Son to die for you and then He would invite you into His Kingdom if you reject His gift. Not for a moment will He do that for you. The price Jesus paid when creation crucified Him has been paid and God will never ask Him to do it again. With your eyes closed, I am going to ask you to be bold. Slip your hand up if you are ready to be saved.

Four or five hundred hands went up all through the crowd. I was amazed by the response of these precious people to the invitation to be saved. After, I led those who raised their hands to pray the following prayer:

Father, I have sinned against You my whole life. I have done things I regret and I ask You to forgive me. I need to be saved. I ask God that You would accept me as one of Yours. (I had them open their doors over their chest) Jesus, I invite You to come into my life, my heart and take it over. Come Jesus enter me and save my soul!

The crowd lifted up a shout and glorified God that morning. What a privilege that day was for me.

That was it! Over five hundred people opened their hearts to the Lord Jesus right there at that funeral. And in the future when others are staring at their caskets, wondering where they might be, they can rest assured, they are dancing and singing in the presence of God.

Now, I am guessing that you read this article because you are concerned about your own salvation. If that is true, PLEASE!, humble your heart before God and pray the same prayer above. Open the doors over your heart with your hands and let the King of Glory come in. He will if you ask with your heart, not your head. Please, don’t leave this page until you pray the very same prayer I led the people of Africa to pray. If you sincerely ask Jesus to come in and take over your life, He will and you will know it! There is no way to be saved and stay the same as you were. If you have found this page and accepted Christ, we want to know about it. Will you please leave us a comment below and let us know about it. We love you, God loves you and we want your life to be made well. This is the first step. Truly, I want to see you in Heaven some day.

Blessings and love for who you are…

Pastor Jeff Mauer

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church