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The Truth Project – 2019

The Lord spoke to me recently saying, “Here is your vision for next year. Tell My people the Truth”

It sounds so simplistic, doesn’t it? We all know we should be telling people the Truth. Yet, that isn’t what Jesus was telling me to lay out for the church. He said, “I want My people to begin to tell others the Truth. I have told FTC The Truth and I want them to spread it over the Earth”.

So, what is it that He wants us to tell the people?

Why they are sick

Why they are miserable

That depression and anxiety are demonic spirits

That sin will happily lead us to a hospital bed

To tell them why they don’t hear God speak to them

Why their sexual sin is killing them

How much He and Papa love them

Why people are struggling

How to become overcomer’s

How to lead people through deliverance

How to use the Name of Jesus

The list heralding the Truth is so much longer then this. Yet, Jesus is saying to all of us, “You aren’t doing your job. People are perishing without the Truth”. Mostly because
even the Body of Christ doesn’t know the Truth.

The Bible teaches us a clear piece of revelation. For surely, the Truth shall set us free. People are desperate to know the Truth.

So, will you join us in 2019? We’re going out and Telling the Truth

Lord bless you

Pastor Jeff

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church


  • Trevor & Daphne Pritchard

    “ Whoever believes in Me, streams of life giving water will pour our from his heart.”
    John7 :38

    Every Blessing for the Truth Project2019
    Thank you Jeff for your encouragement .
    Every blessing for the world, they will hear & see the truth.
    Have sent your email locally GB, New Zealand, Spain.
    God Bless you in Colville mightily. Be Blessed

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