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The Trigger Finger

After one of our Friday night worship meetings, I gave one of our people a ride home. Along the way we were talking about this and that when she mentioned she had a trigger finger.

She continued telling me about it saying, “God is showing me what it is that has caused this. I’m looking forward to Him healing me”

I knew God wanted to heal her so smiling I said, “What did you just say?”

“I am hoping God will show me what is causing my trigger finger…”

Again I said, “What did you just say?”

She giggled as if I was deaf and said, “I have this trigger finger and I am hoping God will show me what is causing the problem.”

I continued to smile knowing God was going to heal her on the way home, but I knew she had to see why she was bound to the physical problem.  So to make a point of showing her she was actually speaking out what the problem was, I asked again, “What you are calling it?”

She knew I was giving her a bad time by now and kind of chuckled and blurted out, “Oh I get it, I’m not trusting God for my healing…”

Shaking my head at her, “No! What did you call it?”

She said, “A trigger finger!”

So I let it sit for a moment and then said “What is a trigger used for?”

She thought about my question and said, “It’s how you shoot a gun…”

And I said, “So who are you pointing a gun at?”

She said, “Well, I can’t think of anyone. Are you talking in real life or spiritually?”

I said, “Spiritually. Who are you pointing a gun at in your mind and heart? Who are you angry with?”

You see our bodies always show us what’s wrong with us spiritually. Every sickness, disease and infirmity directly shows us what is wrong with our walk with God. When the devil sues us in the courtroom of Heaven, the demonic realm will take a legal right against us. Especially when we don’t bother to show up.

She thought about who she might be having a problem with and said, “Nobody that I know of.”

I continued exploring why God was showing her the error in her and why her finger was bent in a ninety degree angle.

I thought about the whole gun thing and then realized maybe she isn’t holding a gun against someone she hates, but rather someone she is afraid of.

“Who are you afraid of? Who are you holding the gun at in order to protect yourself?”

She immediately knew who it was. She was afraid of one of her neighbors and had been holding up this weapon in the spirit out of fear.

I was proud of her that she realized the error so quickly.

“You realize God is bigger than your play gun don’t you? He is able to protect you when you declare the Blood over every situation. She said she knew this to be true, but had forgotten and instead took to fretting about her safety instead of trusting God.

I loved it when she began to pray without me even asking her to. She asked Jesus to forgive her for holding the gun of fear against the neighbor. When she was done, I said, “How’s your finger?”

She began to laugh. It’s better! I can move it! Oh wow… There is just a little tightness left.”

This is a common thing I see in ministry. That little remnant is the demonic realm holding their foot in the door on their way out. Most of the time if we leave the door open, even a little bit, they will come back in and we will lose our healing.

I asked her, ‘What do I teach when there is a ‘little bit’ left?”

She immediately answered and said, “That I have doubt and unbelief in me, thinking Jesus wouldn’t heal me all the way.”

She is a star student! 🙂

We need to learn how to battle until we see the Victory

She again prayed without being asked, “Jesus, please forgive me for allowing doubt and unbelief to be in my life. I confess those two spirits and declare they are to go now in Jesus Name!”

I asked her, “How is your finger now?”

It was completely healed. For the next few miles she just kept thanking Jesus.

There are two things I want you to notice in this story… First of all, I never prayed for her healing. She did. She realized her error after it was uncovered and repented of it, immediately. Jesus forgave her.

But just because Jesus forgave her doesn’t mean the devil is going to leave immediately. He is like a bad house guest. He will trash it on the way out or just go to a different room.

Christians need to learn how to do battle with a Victory at the end. The work of the Cross is already complete. Jesus is never going to hang on that rugged tree again. So stop looking forward for your healing, and get it right now. The promises for you are right now, today, this moment, if you are willing to do this thing called repentance the Lords way.

With love for your life

Pastor Jeff Mauer

Maybe you can share this with your FB friends. There may be someone out there who has been praying for a long time to receive their healing. Someone who needs their miracle. Maybe even be saved.

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church