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The Power To Cast Satan Down

If God were willing to give you the Power to cast Satan down every time he shows up in your life, would you use it?

For example, when Satan comes to destroy your washing machine or your cars transmission, and you happen to notice that it is him who has caused the problem, would you turn gloomy any cry out for a new car? Or….. if God gave you the Power to cast Satan down, would you use it?

What if Satan came along with witchcraft from your neighbors and did the bidding of their words against your marriage or loved ones? Would you turn frantic, gloomy, begin to fear for your life, or their lives? Or… if God gave you the Power to cast Satan down, take every word curse spoken against your household and crush it under your feet, would you use it?

Ok… let’s try this scenario… What if Satan came along and stole every last penny you have through one spot fire after another… would you fret, grow angry and bitter or would you see what is happening against your life for what it is? The question is really a simple one, if God were to give you the Power to cast Satan down along with every cohort, companion and foot-soldier of his, would you use it?

You see, if you are a Born Again, believer in Christ Jesus, one who has opened up your heart and invited Him in, you have been given that Power.

The Power is in Jesus. The Power is exhibited through His Name. More, He has granted you the Right to use His Name. The Name that causes Heaven to stop what it’s doing and turn toward you when you use it. There will always be a response from Heaven when you use the Name of Jesus. Always!

It is a Mighty Name. It is backed up with promises for you. You are well loved of God, but you need to make a decision right now. You are either going to rise up, take a stand… pull out your sword and start swinging, or you are going to have everything you love stolen, destroyed and removed from your life.

The sword I’m talking about is your mouth. Get up every day and put on your armor, pull out your sword by declaring the promises of God and begin to war in peace and joy. When Satan shows up, grab him by his feet and cast him down. You might remember to use the Name of Jesus.

With a deep love for your life

Pastor Jeff Mauer

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Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church