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The Great Apostasy is here

God has blessed FTC in so many ways. First and foremost, we always encounter Papa, Jesus, or Holy Spirit during our services.  The atmosphere is often thick with the Glory of God, and as a result, many visitors leave because they can’t stay in the presence of Heaven.

For about the last eight years, we have received tongues and interpretations during our times together. Oh, the words we have received from The Godhead have been incredible. There is nothing more beautiful than hearing your Creator speak.

Friday, August 17th, 2019 is a day I soon won’t forget. The service was already over the top with the Presence of God. Worship was loud, and with our seers watching what was happening in the background turned out to be amazing.  What a God we serve!

Then Jesus spoke. I am sharing with you what He said to the church as it affects all of us.  These are His words:

My children, you have reached such heights!

My children, remember this day
For there has started, a great falling away
It has begun My children
The apostasy
Those who have led others in My Name
They will fall away from Me
They turn their backs in disbelief
In unbelief
In doubt
And in rebellion My children
It has begun
But remember, this day, My children
In my presence
My children, you have reached such great heights with Me
Remember, my children
Never forget
As the ground falls away around you, My children
Stand on the Rock of your Salvation, my children
For it has begun
Cling to that which you know
That which you have been taught
And to one another, My children
Stand firm

For years, I wondered what the Apostacy would look like. What event would trigger the beginning of this terrible time spoken of in the Bible?  , the apostasy is a time when people will slip out of the hands of Jesus. They will turn to the lie instead of holding fast to the Truth; Jesus.

Even in the last few weeks, I have noticed many well-known people in the Christian community are renouncing their faith or at a minimum, are questioning it.
Jesus told FTC what has changed on planet Earth during one of our worship services. He said, “The Apostasy has begun”

Here’s my warning to you. The enemy is in the business of creating many falsehoods today. He is continually causing people to question what is real or not. Honestly, nothing has changed. He did this with Adam and Eve. All he had to do was ask Eve a question, and doubt entered her heart.

Do not waver from what you know to be true! Hold fast to what you have been taught and do not waver!

I want to see you in Heaven, so stand firm in your faith.

With love for your life

Pastor Jeff


Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church


  • Chris Burgess

    In my search for the truth of God’ word as it applies today I came across this that can only happen after the Great Apostacy has taken place. The Isreal Heratige Foundation provide the previous US president with this award of the Manorah for the signing of the Abraham Accrods, a peace treaty that took place on September 15, 2020 between Israel and several other countries. This award was previously given to previous US president by this Jewish Foundation for this accomplishment. To my astonishment on the award states, “The Isreal Heritage Foundation with profound gratitude presents this covenant of peace award to the prince of peace President Donald J. Trump. Monday February 26, 2024.

    My prayers for you and your congeration. May Jesus, the true mesiah come quickly.

  • Tilla van Dyk

    So true!!😭I see it in my own houshold😭-sexual immorality,-homosexualism,lust and womanising,pedophylie,the antichrist spirit,brokenness and spritual blindness.
    May God have mercy on us.

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