angels and demons

Stop Fretting About The World

Take heart dear Christian

We are living in the most amazing time right now. God has placed us in a time and season that is becoming exhilarating to watch and be part of.

Just know all that is going on is a power play on Satan’s part. He has already infested the majority of the world with sin. His army is directing his troops at every front right now. But what makes this so incredible is God is going to win.

More, Satan knows it. But it’s all he has. He has to show his troops that he is a god and he won’t stop. He can’t. He’s filled with pride and that is driving him forward.

So what is our part in all this?


Knee prayer
Carpet prayer
Chair prayer
Kitchen doing the dishes prayer
Driving the car down the road prayer (while paying attention)


You can become part of the problem by talking about it or you can pray the Fathers will into every situation. You can be wise as the serpent or you can be used by him.

Don’t despair or fret. God has this. God has never let you down. Ever. Oh, the devil has, but God… No!

So put a smile on and take that incredible authority you have in Christ and pray. Then pray some more. Grab someone at the market and say, “Let’s pray!”

You can do it…

With love for you and your life

Pastor Jeff Mauer

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church