Sin is like an infection

Sin Is Like An Infection


As an infection tries to take over a person’s blood or flesh, the bodies immune system will begin to work against it. But what happens when the immune system can no longer kill off the infection? Death takes place.

You and I are now watching the same thing happen in the spiritual realm. There is an infection in mankind and it is called sin. It’s always been with us, but now the infection is multiplying and growing at a rate that doesn’t look good for our futures.

God always shows us what is wrong in our lives spiritually by revealing it to us in the physical. For example, MERSA is an infection that is hardly treatable without cutting the flesh surrounding it. This type of infection literally eats the flesh.

Sin is much like MERSA. Because people no longer care about their sin, it now is changing in strength.

The truth is this; there is only one antidote available to us now and it is the Light and Blood of Christ. Without it, there is not going to be any hope for us. If there is anything I want you to understand before it is too late for you, sin is living and it is darkness. This is why God separated out the Light from the dark at creation.

All we have to do is look around and anyone would see the darkness is growing around the earth. People are being led like puppets to do the most bizarre things. We have been dumbed down by the kingdom of darkness over the last few generations so that we don’t even recognize sin anymore.

Christians make the mistake when they think they carry the Light and there is no darkness in them. That’s a problem when sin abounds in that same person. You can’t get much Light out of a person who is bound in sin. It matters little if they don’t believe this. The truth is, when sin abounds, The Light of Christ is not going to shine outwardly.

Many reading this will say, “Oh Jeff, you are so wrong!” And I would answer, “That’s nice.”

Let me ask you a few questions…

Have you gossiped today? How’s that depression working out? Have you been angry with anyone over the last two or three days? What about that person you wrongly judged yesterday? Have your thoughts been pure today or have you struggled with lust and perversion? I could spend the next hour listing off issues that plague the body of Christ and it is all called sin.

What is often missed as well is sin leads us to death. And if we believed that, wouldn’t we want to do something about it? If someone came to you and said, “You do realize that sticking your finger in an electrical outlet could kill you!”, would you stop sticking your finger in the outlet? Yet, we know that sin leads us to death. Why are we not stopping doing those things that God calls sin? The reality is that few know what sin is nor how to stop playing with it.

“Oh, Pastor Jeff, I don’t believe any of this?”

Well then, let me ask you a few more questions…

How many times have you been sick in the last year? What type of disease(s) do you have in you? How many types of medicines do you take every day? How often do you run to the doctor to get your diagnosis for the latest issue in your life? How many of you have had surgeries in the last ten years? All these things are the result of this little three letter word called sin.

“Oh, Pastor Jeff, I don’t believe my sin caused all this…” And I would say, “That’s nice.”

You should go back and study the Bible and see what it says about sin. The Bible lays out what happens to us when we sin. Nothing is hidden from us at all. The error we make is that sin is blinding us to the truth. What is needed is the Truth. Jesus says the Truth shall set us free and that is what the world needs. Jesus.

I don’t believe anyone in their right mind would want to continue being addicted, or miserable in life if they knew there was a way to rise up above it. I have written a book that explains what sin really is, how it infects each of us and even better, how to get cleaned up. Order your copy today and find out the truth about the very thing trying to kill you; your sin.

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Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church

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