Peace and Joy

Is it possible for you to have a life of peace and joy? Yes! But there is only one way for that to happen. You have to trust God with every breath you take.  As human beings, designed by a Creator, we make the mistake of performing tasks which God has already promised to do for us. For example;

We worry about things we can’t do anything about, but He can.

We fear things we can’t control, but He can.

We hide from those things we don’t like to do, when it is God who wants to give us a life of adventure.

We envy those things that aren’t ours, when God will give you whatever you ask for.

We speak out things that are not ours to speak out, when God is only asking you to pray.

We judge those who were never ours to judge in the first place. Always competing with God who is the only Judge.

Do you really want to have peace and joy in your life? Why don’t you let God be the director of it. You might realize that peace is a living spirit and so is joy. Both come from Jesus.

Love and blessings to you, especially if you decide to give up walking contrary to God. Let me know how your life changes for the better.

Photo by lednichenkoolga

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church