Offense or Defense

This morning as worship was ending with my church leadership, the Lord said something to me. “My children are always working from a line of defense instead of one of offense!” I instantly knew in my spirit what God was showing me. You see most Christians go about their days never considering the battle which is at hand against their lives. they never seem to give thought how Satan is planning and working plans to harm us. We truly are in the cross-hairs of the enemies weapons, yet when someone gets sick or has an accident, instantly panic sets in causing everyone to ask for prayer. But where was the prayer of protection beforehand? We eat food without giving thanks but wonder why we get sick eating it. We suffer so much at the hands of the enemy but never give any conscience effort to even put on our armor every day. Aren’t we instructed by Paul to do just that?

When my wife and I go for a drive anywhere, we always pray first. We would never get in our car and leave without setting our trip under a spiritual covering through Christ. Why? Because the Bible tells me Satan goes to and fro through the earth looking for someone to devour.

I would never go into someones home or place of business without first covering myself or who is with me in prayer. Why would I? To do so would be pure ignorance on my part. Have you ever walked into a business and just felt something really strange in the place? As if there is something really strong or heavy there, but you can’t put your finger on it? Can I tell you it wasn’t God you were sensing? Many businesses are centers for strong demons and spirits. Yet we walk in with grins on our faces never expecting anything to happen as a result of going into their territory. Goodness… What a mistake.

God is saying to us today… “My children, trust Me! Begin to speak out ahead of your lives instead of always working from a place of desperation, or from a place of defense. Use the Name of My Son and I will grant you your petitions.” My dear friend, begin to ask God how you can walk in a place of offensive prayer instead of asking to be pulled out of the storm after.

I trust this will help you get ahead of the enemy and its ploys to take your life away. Know this; God is very real, so is the enemy. Become a proactive foe against that which hates you. God loves you more than you know… So much so, He is giving you a word to improve your life.

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church