Hip Pain

My Hip Hurts

I was standing at the altar in church and noticed a woman get out of her seat and come forward for prayer. She limped up to my wife who was just done praying for another person. Debbie greeted Jill (fake name) warmly and asked how she could pray for her. Jill said, “My left hip is really hurting and I wonder if you would pray for me?” Even as she stood there, I could see her pain. I hate pain and how it brings such torment to people.

My wife waited a moment for the Lord to speak to her and then she asked Jill, “Do you know where most woman carry their children as they begin to get heavier?” Jill thought about the question for a moment and Debbie said, “On our hips.” You see, as our children get heavier and even larger, it becomes hard to carry them in our arms, so we set them on the hip to bear the load. Jill was carrying a burden on her hip and God was showing her the sin in her life by allowing pain to show up there. “My children are all grown!”

Debbie asked her, “How many children do you have?” Jill told her and she said, “Which one is your burden?” Jill thought about it for a second and then said, “My oldest son.”

I am going to give you a ministry truth in this teaching so you will learn how to minister to others. Jill had pain in her left hip which told my wife it was a male child she was carrying. God has shown us that our bodies reveal much more than what we realize. So much so, we minister to people after we look them over and see how they are carrying themselves. This truth has proven itself over and over again in our ministry. When a person has a pain on the left, you can be sure they have an issue with another male in their life. When the right side is affected, there is a female issue going on in them. There have been no exceptions to this rule. Shoulders hurt when we pull burdens with our yokes, even thought Jesus said our yokes should be LIGHT. Or we place burdens on our backs and trudge down the path of our lives. No matter where we put the burdens we are going to let the world see it. Sin finds itself out.

An example of this would be found in the Bible when God gave people leprosy. God saw they were unclean before Him so He let them be unclean before the world. When a person bears weights that are not their own, He will place those weights in such a way that the world can see the sin.

My wife and I see hip pain often in middle age and older woman, especially in mothers. Often when we bring up the sin of bearing the burdens for our children before God, most of the time, the people scoff at us. “Well, that’s a mother’s job!” No it isn’t. It’s Gods job. We are to pray and support our children and loved ones. We have never been told to worry and fret over them. To do so is to play God, and honestly, we make lousy gods.

If you want to see this teaching in the marketplace, next time to you go into a large department store or grocery store, look around. Look at how the people are carrying themselves. You will see people limping, bent over, in wheel chairs, leaning on things to bear their weight. All of this is sin showing itself off for the world to see. But where are the people who know how to set the captives free?

My wife revealed to Jill her sin, and it was time to set her free. Debbie leaned over and asked Jill, “Would you like to let go of your son and give him back to God so he can get on with his life?” The woman knew she had been called out. She lowered her head and asked Jesus to forgive her for playing God with her son. For carrying all of his burdens and placed them right back in His hands. What she didn’t realize was that she had been healed and Debbie never prayed for her.

Debbie asked her to tell her how her hip was feeling. She moved around and then really moved around as she couldn’t feel any pain. Oh, the glorious wonders of God and His Son Jesus. Holy Spirit was hovering right around Jill as she thanked Jesus for healing her.

I watched as Jill left my wife and headed back towards her chair. She was filled with Joy that Jesus could forgive her and deliver her of the sin. My wife looked over at me and we both smiled. Once again, we had done what God has asked of us. To set the captives free. We do it gladly and count it all joy.

This teaching is for woman who have hip pain. We almost always see healing when we deal with this issue. But what about males who have hip pain? There is another way we can carry pain in our hips, knees and ankles. In the spiritual realm, if we continue to heap up worry and burdens for others, the burdens will show up on our shoulders and back in the spirit. Do not think for a moment that these invisible burdens won’t show up in the physical. They do.

Our youth worry like there is no tomorrow and so do many adults. If you are one of these people who are always fretting over another person or your life situation, do yourself a favor. Give the burdens to God and release them. Your body can’t bear up under the weight you impose on it.

May this word go out as a prophetic word for multitudes who suffer daily and don’t know why.

With love and respect for you,

Pastor Jeff Mauer

(The name Jill is fictitious to protect the real person)

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Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church