Missed It by an Inch

Missed it by an inch…

Almost daily, I receive friend requests from men in third world nations; desperate for help. They need money for food, water, clothing and often school fees.

They live in poverty and don’t have any idea how to come out of it. They want to do what’s right before God, yet they don’t realize they have to live by faith alone.

More, they don’t realize God is more then able to supply all of their needs out of His riches and Glory.

This issue reminds me of the story found in the Word of God, where Peter and John walked up to a Temple and found a lame man laying at its entrance.

That man was desperate to be healed. To be led out of poverty. He was living a desolate life and knew it.

I find it interesting that he chose to lay in front of the one place he knew could change his life. The church.

Yet, he was spiritually blind as so many continue to be. He wasn’t looking for a miracle, he was looking for sustenance. He didn’t necessarily believe God could heal him. He only knew that God had people going into that temple who could take care of his needs.

As the man begged for money, Peter responded to him and said, “I don’t have money for you. But what I do have, I will give you freely.” And…

By a word, the man was healed.

By a word, the man was healed.

By a word, the man was healed.

By a word, the man was healed.

By a word, the man was healed.

You might think I had some sort of typing problem. No…. I just wanted you to learn something important about the Kingdom of God. By a “Word” the man was healed. By a spoken word the man was healed.

Had Peter never opened his mouth, that man would not have been healed.

You might remember, Jesus healed by a word.

This evening I had a man from another country contact me via Facebook messenger. He wanted to call me and talk. But I knew why he wanted to talk. He is like the lame man at the temple. He knows he has a problem. But he is looking for the quick fix instead of receiving what God has for him.

God placed me in his life to teach him how to walk in the miraculous and supernatural.

A few days ago, I gave him instruction. I told him to read the first three chapters of Genesis. Did he do that? No.

He chose to keep looking for his quick fix. Somewhere he will find a man who can help with his financial and provision needs. If he friends enough people on FB, surely someone will take pity on his plight in life.

I told him I was willing to give him something he may never receive again. A chance to be mentored; taught how the Kingdom of Heaven operates. To learn how to take his people out of poverty. How to see miracles take place. How to walk in freedom from witchcraft and sin.

I suggested he pray about it and let me know what he wanted to do. Deep down I knew he wouldn’t do it. I’ve been through this so many times. Men are desperate but lack the fortitude to walk with God.

A few days later he contacted me again. “Hello Pastor!” I expected to hear him say something like, “I read the first three chapters of Genesis. I am ready to learn!”

Instead, when I asked him if he had done what I asked, he responded with…

“Ok sir, thank you. We are already praying for that person to come here to preach the word of God.”

He missed the answer to his supposed prayer by an inch…

Are you getting this? He is desperate. He has great needs. His region has great needs.

What I have to offer him is not money, but the greatest treasure he will ever receive. The Truth.

He missed an opportunity to receive exactly what he needed to see God move in his region. He could have taken what he would have learned and taught others. Then watched as God moved in the region and changed the peoples lives.

Instead, he said what so many Christians say, “I’m waiting on God to move.”

God tried…

What about you? How many times has God give you the opportunity to learn more about Him, but you chose to wait for Him to send you someone.

Maybe God sent you someone who was an answer to your prayers, but you decided the person didn’t fit what you had thought they should. Yet, they held the answer you needed.

Worse, like so many, even the mention of the miraculous or supernatural and the ears immediately close. Unless their Pastor taught the same thing, they will not believe.

I can’t tell you how often I see this. I will walk up to someone in the marketplace who is desperate for a touch from God and ask, “Can I pray for you?” Most people either say, “That would be nice.”, but walk away thinking I will pray for them at home, or they put up an arm and decline the miracle which would have taken place.

I’ve offered prayer for people in electric wheel chairs and they hit the go button and took off…

They missed a move of God in their life by an inch. Doubt and unbelief work in the hearts of men today; much like a plague does.

I truly know what Jesus must have felt as He made Himself available to men and many mocked and glared at Him as they went past Him, on their way in life.

Most Christians will never encounter our Amazing God the way He intended for us to. It’s a choice. I chased after God with all I had for years before I bumped into Him. When I did, there was no way I was going to turn back.

Isa 55:6 Seek the LORD while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near.

So many miss it by an inch…

Don’t let it be said of you that God sent you the answer to your prayer and you turned it away. Almost daily I get people sending me text messages, or emails asking for prayer. I often offer to have them call me for prayer, but most never even respond. Fear hits them. Their sin hits them. Vain imaginations hit them. What’s too bad is most people would rather listen to their sin then take a chance and get their healing or needs met through prayer.

As I grow in the knowledge of God, don’t think for a moment He hasn’t given me great revelation. The problem has become most people don’t want to hear it. Nor do they want to believe it when they do.

It’s like talking to deaf man when I share deep truths about God or Heaven with people. They nod up and down, all the while thinking how they can run instead.

One of the people in my church made an interesting comment recently. She said, “The Lord spoke to me and said, “Nothing has changed since the beginning of Creation…”

Do you get it? Nothing has changed.

Men either receive the Truth or they don’t. Men either receive salvation or they don’t. Men either chase after God or they don’t. Multitudes will go to Hell and a few will make it into Heaven.

Nothing has changed.

Let it not be said about your life…

With great love for you…

Pastor Jeff Mauer

Be blessed

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Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church