standing before judge

How Will You Answer Him?

Well, have you prepared your answer yet?

While the world is speaking out against one another today, debating everything under the sun, declaring wrongful words over major situations, there really is a more pressing issue at hand.

Your answer…

You see, a day is coming where you will be required to give an account of your life. Yep! You will be on your knees and I AM, Our Great and Mighty God will be sitting on His throne in front of and above you.

Let me help you prepare your thinking a little bit. If you were called to go before CTHM King Salman bin Abdul‘aziz of Saudi Arabia this afternoon, would you wear your bluejeans and tennis shoes? I don’t think so. Nor would you go before Him and tell him you don’t like how he is doing things. He is a king who rules a kingdom his way.

So does God…

In Saudi Arabia, when people rebel against the kings rules and commands, well, things don’t go so well. For example;

Infidelity is an automatic death sentence. Singles are imprisoned and whipped who practice sexual sin.

But our God, the very One who Created all things, isn’t thought of as a King over our lives. Even though the Bible tells us all the things God has done to those who rebelled against Him, we still want to think of God as a happy old man. Meanwhile, we continue to break His commands and wonder why our lives aren’t going so well.

Did I mention there is a day when all people will bow their knees before God? When God asks you to give an account of your life, what are you going to say to Him?

“Well… I tried not to sin God!”

“I only had sex outside of marriage eleven times.”

“And I only used drugs for a short season in my life.”

“Ok. I can see how You might be angry with me after I hit my wife a few times.”

“God, are You going to say anything?”

“Ok… well, I tried to live a good life. I didn’t murder anybody…”

“And I didn’t look at pornography that many times!”

“Are you hearing me God?”

“God, I’m sorry for what I did wrong before You. Will You please forgive me?” As you might realize this is not some American fast food issue going on right now.

God might say something like, “Do you want to know what I really want to hear from you?”

“Yes God! I do…”

What did you do for My Son? He saved you from Hell. I want to hear what you did for Him after He saved you! Tell Me!”


Because I care about you as a person, I want to make a suggestion. You should really stop making excuses with God about why you don’t believe this or that. Or why you refuse to tell others what Jesus has done for you. It is time to save souls, teach the real Word of God, not the watered down version and do the work of a Christian. For truly it will be these things that God is going to ask you about. He wants to know that You took seriously what His Son did for you on the Cross. The rest is vanity and sin.

Faith without works is dead…

As a pastor, I long that people would walk rightly with God. What about you? You might say, “I am walking rightly with God!” And I would say, “There is more…” God has a deep well of understanding and we need to jump in and grow with Him. Just know that wherever you are with God right now, there is a wide field ahead of you. Which direction will you go? The choice is yours alone.

With the love of Christ for you,

Pastor Jeff Mauer

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church