Go do what Jesus did

How do you fit in

Where do you fit in to this thing called Christianity?

As God is lifting His Hand off of America and around the world, perilous times are coming. All one has to do is look around to see lines of division are already being drawn in the sand.

There are those who love righteousness and those who abhor it. Few stand in the middle anymore. Even the most indifferent person with regards to God has made a decision.

Yes…sides are being drawn as one person after the next chooses the Light or the darkness. Nobody can have it both ways.

The devil knows who you are

All I can say is you had best know who you are in Christ as time progresses. Times are about to change drastically. You have had plenty of time to learn how Jesus walked on the Earth. You have had plenty of sermons to tickle your ears.

Know this… the devil and his kingdom knows who you are. They know your weaknesses. They put them there. They know how to get you to tip over.

If you claim to be a Christian and have chosen to walk with the world, you are in a terrible place with God right now. Do not think for a moment you will have any form of protection from the enemy by God.

The greatest error a Christian can walk in is indifference. God told us He spits out those who walk in that. He has no use for men who don’t care about who He is.

Christians are being slaughtered

You should know the devil knows who are the Lords. He knows what their weaknesses are. He put them there.

What he counts on is that you are indifferent to God. That you will have no idea what to do if he shows up in your life or against your family.

Will you?

When I watch churches in 3rd world nations Christians being slaughtered right in their own churches, it reinforces my thinking that Christians don’t know who they are.

Pastors should be preaching and teaching men how to walk in the authority of Jesus. Yet today most are preaching love and peace. That the Rapture is eminent and you can just pack your bags and wait.

My dear Christian, God is Supernatural. He is Majestic and full of Power and Glory. The moment you invited His Son Jesus into your heart, you became a partaker in that Glory.

We are in perilous times

The question begs to be asked… Do you know how to walk in it? Do you know what to do or say when darkness intrudes into your life?

You should.

There is only one way to please God. You must walk by faith. If you live by the world system and have no idea what you’re supposed to do as a Believer and Follower of Jesus, you are in a perilous place.

You will fit right in. We are in perilous times.

I want to make a suggestion. Pull out a piece of paper and begin to study one of the four gospels. Begin to write out what Jesus did.

“He healed the leper”

“He fed the multitudes”

“He preached the Kingdom of God”

“He lifted up the brokenhearted”

The list is long. Write down what you see that Jesus did.

Then go do it…

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church