facing giants

Facing Your Giants

Whatever your mountain is, as a child of God, you no longer have to do the heavy lifting.  All that is required of you is to grow your faith and let God move through you.

If I came along and sewed up your lips so that you couldn’t talk, you would be in trouble. Your faith needs to be given voice. Just as God spoke through the Holy Spirit at the time of Creation, God is expecting you to speak through His Spirit today. This is why the Spirit is still on the earth. When you speak for God or Jesus, Holy Spirit moves the mountain.  Your part is to not only speak, but to believe for what you asked for.  That’s it!  We have made this thing called Christianity way too difficult.

Just know the kingdom of darkness will try to intervene in stealing your faith, let alone your words. In the book of James, we find the disciple saying something we all need to understand.  If we ask for something and then doubt for it, we are considered to be double-minded.  James tells us that we will not receive what we ask for.

So, what about your mountains? What is the biggest issue you have going on in your life right now? I want you to look at that as a mountain in your life.  Speak to it.  Tell it what you think about it. Then tell it to move out of your way. If your mountain is a human being, be careful how you speak to that mountain. Do not abuse your authority with God. The outcome will not be good.  Use the greatest gift you have been give, the name of Jesus and watch what Heaven does.

Really.  That’s all there is to it.

Now, how does this play out when we are around evil and wicked people. If a gunman comes to you and says, “Renounce your faith in Jesus!” First of all, you should realize this person is not speaking on their own accord. They are giving voice to a strong single or multiple demons within them.  As much as we want to blame the problems of people with their bad childhoods, the truth is they are walking in sin and are filled with it.

We are wrestling with spiritual issues, not the flesh.  Any person who is ready to bring you harm is not working out of their own desires. The desires are from the kingdom of darkness and that person is being used as a puppet to their end. The truth is they are possessed with demons. If you were to believe this, then would you also believe that Christ in you is much stronger than any weapon formed against you? Of course He is!

Each of us have mountains. What I am teaching you here is that your mouth is more than able to speak to them so they have to move. If you are about to be harmed, speak out what you want and use the Name of Jesus. When we use that Name, we move mountains. If someone wants to hurt you, then speak to their demons and command them what to do. “In the Name of Jesus I command you to leave now!” They might fight back. All you need to do is stand your ground. “My Bible tells me no weapon formed against me can prosper! Get out of here now in Jesus Name.” It is time we walk in the authority of Christ.

Maybe the Devil is trying to steal something from you. Tell the Devil to back up and leave your situation in the Name of Jesus. He has to go.

Each of us are facing mountains every day. Please. Begin to use your God given faith and let’s begin to push every one of them out of the way so we can move forward in life. God has a promised land for you and you alone. If you will learn to speak rightly over your situations, God will bless and create one victory after another just for you.

With love and honor towards you as a human being,

Pastor Jeff Mauer

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Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church