facing giants

Facing Your Giants

I have great news for you! God is very aware of what’s going on in your life. He is being updated constantly by the angels and the host which is around you.  (The great cloud of witnesses)  God knows when you are doing well, and He knows when you aren’t. Nothing is hidden from Him. He even knows your thoughts. God is amazing to say the least.

Do not think for a moment these people aren’t possessed

Today, as you and I look around, we are watching more and more evil being perpetrated on the Earth. When I was young, I didn’t face the hard things all of us are having to face today. It seemed a simpler time.  Now all we have to do is get up, look at our cell phones or computers and we can have the pulse of the world within a few moments. As a result, depression, anxiety, discouragement are at an all time high in America and many other countries. Suicide rates are climbing and people are not finding any help even with strong medicines which truly only create new problems in us.

The truth is, we are living in extraordinary times. When I was young, miracles were not even part of the landscape of our conversations. Those were for the Old Biblical days. Nobody expected miracles.  Yet, today, miracles are becoming the norm. The Kingdom of Heaven seems closer to Earth then it ever has.  I am watching God move on the earth right on the heels of evil and wickedness. You see, God takes the evil and turns it to good for those who love Him.

As well, faith is arising around the earth as multitudes are giving their lives to Jesus. Satan is trying to kill us off and God is picking up the pieces in amazing ways. People are being raised from the dead all over the earth today.  In fact, one of our own missionaries raised a twelve year old girl from the dead this past October. People are being healed of major illnesses and diseases in great numbers today in churches and even in the marketplaces. Heaven is responding to our prayers in ways I have never witnessed in all my life.

Even with all this, you and I are facing more darkness then we have ever had in the past. I know that the demonic realm has more of a legal right to infest our lives today then they have had in generations. Our sin has given way to Satan to do what he wants with us. We can blame everyone around us, but the reality is, we are guilty before a Holy God.

Do not think for a moment that all these religious groups who are killing people in the middle east are anything more than possessed people. They have come into agreement with Satan in a very unique manner and do not see the error of their ways. They have been blinded to their sin and turned over to their debased minds. Just as God said He would in the Bible. Where does that leave us as Christians or people with any type of moral compass?  What good can possibly come from all this mess the earth is in?

Let me share some truths with you so that you can leave this teaching with much greater faith than you might have right now.  If you have really opened your heart and asked Jesus to come in and take His rightful place in you, your citizenship changed. You are no longer a citizen of earth but of Heaven. You became a child of God immediately when Jesus stepped into you. You were marked as His and given a new name. You have an inheritance waiting for you and all of Heaven is at your beck and call. The moment Jesus came into you, you were given the gift of Salvation along with a future and hope through Him.

More than that, you have access to great and marvelous things. One of them is the spiritual realm. You have access to your angels, the host of heaven and Jesus. You have the heart of God the Great I AM anytime you want to go before Him.  The list is endless as to the benefits God has given you all because you accepted His Son as your own.  You have also become part of a royal priesthood and a royal house. Your Father is God. Your Brother, (Jesus) is a King as well part of the Godhead. You also have a friend on the earth… His Name is Holy Spirit. 

Did you know Holy Spirit wants to be in your heart as well?  Many Christians are taught they have the Holy Spirit in them when they are saved. Paul of the Bible teaches differently. He laid hands on many believers for the infilling of the Holy Spirit, even asking whole churches if they had received Him yet. With the Spirit comes the Power of God. You are going to need that as the earth continues to groan in expectation of Christ coming back. Without the Power you will be living a life with a dead battery.

Today you and I face great mountains more than ever before. What are you mountains? They could be sickness, disease or infirmities. As well work problems, relational issues, the list is long. You might have a neighbor who is a mountain to you.

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Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church