Doubt and Unbelief

My cell phone rang today and when I answered it, there was a lady on the other end who I haven’t met before. I did meet her husband recently and heard his wife was really struggling with her health. In fact her health is so bad, she is having another operation very soon.

When I answered my phone, she seemed really aloof to me.  Do you ever get those types of calls where it is just a strain to even continue talking to the person. You know, lots of pauses as if they have fallen asleep on the other end?  That’s how this call went.

So, I thanked her for calling and asked her how I might help her.  She said, “My husband asked me to call you.”  Aha!  I tried to press in a little and invited her to come to my home and my wife and I would be happy to talk to her about the health issues and see if we could see God perform a miracle for her. She told me that she couldn’t drive because her health was so bad.  So I offered to have us come to her home, but that didn’t sound like a very good idea either. I was time to shift gears again…

In order to let her know a little about my ministry, I told her that I had taken a group of pastors to Kenya a while back and every  person we laid hands on was healed.  She didn’t seem to interested that. So I talked to her a little about America and how so many people in this country just don’t trust God any longer to do what He said He would do for us.  I asked her if she had really searched out her sin with the Lord and she immediately said that she had done that over and over again but she didn’t have any sin in her.  Oh… Well, that little sine of pride in her has blinders over her eyes doesn’t it?  The Bible has a very interesting verse in it which says, “The ways of a man are right in their own eyes, but the Lord weighs the spirits”.  I knew she was filled with sin.

She got distracted as someone was trying to call her while we were talking.  She said, “My husband is trying to get through to me.”  I asked her if she would like to call me back sometime and she said, “If I don’t
answer my phone, my husband is going to be angry with me. Then he will worry!”  I suggested she go and if she had any other questions to call me again. With that she hung up.

Can I ask you a few questions?  The first one would be, “What was she manifesting while talking to me?”

I happen to know that she is infirm and sick because of a root of bitterness, but I am talking about the sin that manifested during the phone call.

Doubt, denial, fear, anxiety, discouragement, obedience to her husband and a long list of others.  She didn’t  call me because she wanted to be healed. She called because her husband told her to.  He knew that I walk in healing and longs for his wife to be healed.

For her, she has given up after years of having prayer for her infirmities. She was never healed because nobody led her through repentance. Nobody ever asked her, “So, what is it that has you in bed?”  Even the most blind person knows what they have done or what others have done to them. You see, we all speak those things out and never realize why we do. God wired us to speak out our sin.  In her situation, she is filled with bitterness.  And now after years of being in her state, she is filled with doubt and unbelief as well.  If God doesn’t heal her on her terms, what would there be to trust or believe in?

We love to pray for people as if they are saints, but God sees the sin. And it is the sin that caused this woman to be sick in the first place. She made a comment that I hear a lot. “I have had so many people prophecy over me and never once has one come to pass.”  Do you hear the unbelief in her?  Doubt and unbelief are two very nasty little spirits and they only have one goal in mind: to send us to our graves so we will never see a miracle from God.  She is clearly on that path in her life.

What else was she manifesting?  If you said “Fear” you are right. She couldn’t wait to get off the phone with me. Her fear was railing at her mind telling her that healings are quackery.  She has never seen a healing before. Now to hear multitudes of people were healed in Kenya, well, that was too much for her.

Can I tell you something? This is just between you and me.  It grieves me as a pastor when I minister healing and deliverance to run into a person who is so shut down to faith in God.  Her doubt and unbelief lied to her and now she is not going to get her healing.  We have to go to someone and confess our sin to them and before the Lord. The the sin needs to be cast out of them.  If we follow the patterns of Jesus, we will have success in our lives. To try to do life any other way is foolishness on our parts.

Sin loads us down with weights.  It causes our flesh to fail so that we will turn to God and get right with Him. For this lady, her sin has grown so strong in her, she can’t even see what is true any longer.

I will be praying that God opens her heart so that she can repent before it is too late for her. Oh, she might make it into heaven someday, but the road she is on is going to get even more bumpy for her unless she repents.

Don’t let doubt and unbelief pull you away from the most Amazing God above. He longs to set His children free of their sin, their sickness, their disease and give them a life that is abundant.  Sin willcause us to have the opposite. Lives that are bankrupt of any joy or peace.  May Jesus find you open and willing to be put back on a path where His Glory is under your feet.

Lord bless you

Photo by Beshef

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church