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Don’t let the news bother you

Now that you’ve read the news today…

As we continue to watch what is happening in our country, it would be easy to speak out what we see in response. The problem is we can easily become part of the problem. This is a matter of spiritual warfare and we should not be found in want because we joined their ranks by our speech. In the Bible, there is a little verse hidden away which says;

Job 22:28 says, “Declare a thing and it will be established”

Now, you might reason in your mind “How could something I say change the outcome of what is already happening around the country?”

Do you not know that you will be judged by God for your every idle word? You might wonder, why would God judge me for what I say? Because every word you speak out of your mouth has a return on investment. It does… Either the kingdom of God is going to respond to them or the kingdom of darkness will.

Let me show you how this works…

When you pray, do your words have a return on investment?
When you lay hands on the sick and speak, do your words have a return on investment?
When you admonish someone, do your words have a return on investment?

When you speak against others, your words will also have a return on investment. This is why Jesus said, “DO NOT JUDGE others. By the same measure that you do, you will be judged.”

Know this… you won’t be judged after you die for the judgments you make today. Those judgments come to you quickly. Often with pain in your body, sickness or disease.

The final judgment will be when God talks to you about every idle word you have spoken. This is when you will realize how foolish you have been with your mouth. It will be at that moment in time when the Lord will forgive and wipe away every tear.

My dear friend. When you see the awful things happening around the earth… please stop adding fire to the words that have already been spoken to bring it about. Instead, become a person who blesses and overrides what the devil is doing.

When you see evil, speak life over it. When you hear of awful things, speak life into it. When you hear prophetic words that declare the wrath of God, speak forgiveness over those God is about to judge.

Your life is determined by what you speak out every single day. You have what you’ve asked for so far.

Change your outlook and begin to think spiritually instead of looking at things from the flesh. Look at life the way Jesus looks at it, from a Heavenly perspective. Then speak out what He would say over every situation. You will begin to be blessed in amazing ways.

With love for your life

Pastor Jeff Mauer

Please share with those who want to get their lives back and who want to walk in righteousness with God

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church