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Desire This

In every job I’ve had, I always made it about serving God

My eyes have always been set on making the business money and helping people to grow in their walk with The Lord.

Time after time I have prayed for other employees, customers, managers, owners of companies. Speaking life into their ears so they can grow.

I have prayed for countless people. I have watched God move in so many peoples lives as a result. It has been pure joy to watch God move.

What about you?

What have you set your heart to do in this life?

You see, if you continue to set your life in the midst of your own selfish desires, you will not make any impact in the lives of others. You will go out of this life a self-centered person who can only see through jaded eyes.

Take a test today…

Listen to your thoughts

Listen to what you speak out of your mouth

Every time you say “I”, take note

Every time you say, “If only…”, take note

Every time you say, “I need you to…”, take note

Every time you think, “How am I…”, take note

Every time you think, “What am I going to do…”, take note


Every time you think, “What is wrong with so and so…”, take note

Every time you think, “I hate how so and so says…”, take note

The word is full of self-centered people. Break out of the pack and become a man or woman who serves. Oh… God will bless you. He will promote you. He will guard you. He will provide for you. He will heal you.

I’ve determined in my heart to be a type of Joseph, a Moses, an Abraham, a Paul, a man sold out for Jesus. You can do it too!

My hope is you will read this and decide to set down the self in your life and look at those around you with a new lens. They need you. Now go be awesome!

With love for your life

Pastor Jeff

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church

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