Mom and Children

Dear Mom

Every Sunday, mothers will come up to me and ask for prayer. When I minister outside of the church, mothers are often those who seek out ministry.

Most of them have a common issue. Fear, worry, anxiety and depression.

For the next few minutes I want to share what I teach every single mother. And almost every time when they leave me healed and delivered, they say, “Why isn’t this being taught in my church?”

The answer is this. The spiritual realm is busy. Demons are working constantly to take away the Truth of the Bible. They are constantly infusing doctrines of demons into the church body. Without a doubt, it is infected with sin today.

Maybe you’re a mom and you are curious what I want to teach you in this post. I’m glad you came.

How would you like to have a life of peace and joy? No longer bound to anxiety and fear. No longer bound to worry and stress? The question is, will you believe what you’re about to be taught? If you will dare to believe, your life is going to change for the better.

The first step is to realize we sin before God when we don’t believe His Word. Worse, when we breach His commands, we are in trouble.

Moms are often bound to worry and anxiety

It is very seldom that I minister to a mother who doesn’t walk in anxiety. And mom, if you have ears to hear, I am going to explain to you something that may surprise you. Anxiety is a living spirit. This is why in the past, people used to say, “I must have a spirit of anxiety in me!” Or, we would speak of someone else and say, “Doesn’t so and so have a spirit of anger?” We used to speak the language, but the devil has taught us how to keep him out of the equation today. If not even in the church body. In fact, most churches discourage any talk about demons or Satan.

My dear mother… multitudes of people today take anti-anxiety medicine to just cope. These medicines do nothing more than cause the flesh to cope with the sin issue within.

Let me show you how this works:

If I invited a guest into my house and that person decided to start tossing furniture around, clearly, that would be a problem. I could tie up the person so they could no longer manifest their rage. That’s what medicine does. It ties up our feelings so that we don’t recognize the sin any longer. Yet, it’s our feelings that Satan is after. He wants us to feel, even if the feelings are opposite of what God wants us to feel.

I could bind up the person in my house but the person would still be there. That is exactly how sin operates. Sin is a spiritual being. And once in, it will begin to toss the furniture around in us. Anxiety shows up. Fear shows up. Worry shows up. And don’t we feel it? Yes.

As sin grows, it blinds us to even realizing what we’re manifesting. Angry people will allow their anger to grow to the point they no longer realize how bad it is. Anxious people begin with worry. That worry turns into anxiety. Later anxiety invites in depression.

Didn’t Jesus tell us the same thing?

Luke 11:21 “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are in peace.
Luke 11:22 “But when a stronger than he comes upon him and overcomes him, he takes from him all his armor in which he trusted, and divides his spoils.

The above scripture is saying exactly the same thing. At one time you were ruling your own house (Flesh). But, the question begs to be asked; “What’s ruling it now?” You might be surprised to know that it isn’t you any longer. Oh, you’re in there, but you also know your life is out of control. That is what is causing you to walk in anxiety. The bottom line is anxiety is a living spirit and it will lead you away from trusting God with your life. Let alone your children’s. Eventually, you will be bound to that spirit and it will lead you around like a puppet.

Smokers are bound to a different spirit. But notice that the harder they try to quit smoking, the urge will grow. James 1

I want to teach you a Truth. I say this to so many people, but few get it. The truth is this; your feelings are not your own.

Your feelings aren’t your own

You might want to stop for a moment and think about what I’m teaching you. How you feel is not you. For example; if you walk in peace, you have a spirit of peace in you. And that spirit is a strong one. It is ruling over the others.

Your feelings are not your own. The only thing that is yours is the spirit of you. Your soul.

If you walk in worry and anxiety, you are bound to sin and it is living.

The spirit of anxiety will invite in the spirit of depression. Both are strong spirits and they will be happy to lead you into a tail spin where all the kings horses and all the kings men will do nothing to help you. You’re dealing with a spiritual problem which is manifesting in your flesh.

Didn’t Paul teach us this. Didn’t he say, “For we do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but principalities…?”

I care about your life. How much more God?

I care about your life. How much more the One who Created you? The One who promised to take care of every one of your needs…

So why does God allow the devil to mess with us? Because we refuse to follow His commandments. Can you imagine living in a Kingdom that is ruled by a king, yet doing whatever you feel like?
Do you really think that would last long before you had an audience with that king?

You need to know how Heaven operates. It is ruled by a King. Our Creator. When we breach His commandments, we are going to be sued in Heaven by Satan. And when we lose the courtcase, there is Hell to pay. Our flesh will begin to fail. Rev 12:10

Didn’t Jesus tell us the following;

Matt 6:25 “Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?
Matt 6:26 “Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?
Matt 6:27 “Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?

Does it sound like He was making some suggestion? No. It was His command. Jesus is a King. Mom, you need to learn what the commandments of God are and then live within them. Well, if you want to be healthy and live a peaceful life.

Jesus didn’t say, “If you feel like following My command, why don’t you try to stop worrying…”

Why do you think Jesus commanded this anyway? Because He wants to be your God. He wants to lead you into the best of this life. He has a plan and the only way it will come to pass is if you yield to Him.

The fix is easy

Dear mom… I care about your life. I want you to be happy, filled with joy and live a peaceful life. But it’s a choice on your part.

If you live in anxiety, stress, fear, worry and depression, it’s time for it to go.

In order to get rid of these issues, you have to be delivered of your sin.

So here is the road map for your deliverance.

You need to go to someone you trust. A Pastor, a deacon, a Spirit filled believer.

Go to them. Tell them you want to confess your sin before them and Jesus. If they will, I want you to say the following;

“Jesus, I’ve breached the Word of God by worrying, being filled with anxiety and other issues of sin.
I am asking You to forgive me of my transgressing Your Word and Commandments.
I hand you my child(ren) now.
I hand you my ……
I hand you my ……
Lord, I will continue to be a mom. From this day forward, I will allow you to be who You are, my God. My Help. My Savior.
I will continue to love my children, and I am committed to pray for them and let you lead their lives.
I place you in utter control of their lives now.
I will pray for my older children instead of worrying about them.
I will release Your perfect will into their lives instead of dictating my will through prayer.
I lay down my burdens in all this.
Thank You Jesus for hearing me.
For forgiving me.”

Then have the person who heard your confession pray the following:

“In Jesus Name, I take authority over your worry, anxiety, fear, trepidation, stress, tension, hyper-tension and depression.
I cast you out now! Go! Get out of her!

In Jesus Name, I apply the Blood of Jesus from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.
I call down the water from the throne of God to refresh you.

In Jesus Name, I impart the spirit of peace, joy, faith, resolve and call down the Glory of God to fill this place.
Thank You Jesus for what You’ve done for us.
Father, seal this work now, I ask.”

The next step is to begin your journey in trusting God with your life. Your family. Dare to walk in peace and joy. You can do it!

If you fall back into your old sin nature, cast it down! Use the Powerful Name of Jesus. He is the only fix for our lives.

With love for your life

Pastor Jeff

Leave a comment if you have followed this teaching and found yourself free. Or if you need help, please click on the contact link at the top and let us know how we can help you.

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church