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Cut The Ties

If you have someone in your life who is perpetually prideful, always hurt, always judgmental, always bitter or angry, seemingly frustrated and always offended with people… can I ask you a question? Why would you hang with someone like that?

You are either walking in obedience to God

Do you know the Bible teaches us to do just the opposite?

If you are embracing someone who is sinning before God, you are sinning right along with them. And you will be found in error with God.

These types of people drag others down to the bottom of the ocean without the victim ever realizing they can’t breath.

Honestly, most people would read this and begin to melt down at the idea of leaving a friend like this. Truly it matters little what they think about you doing an exit plan. It matters what God thinks.

Don’t do it for me…

You are either walking in obedience to God or to the kingdom of darkness. A person who is always miserable is at best a very bound Christian walking in sin or a person who thinks they are saved but aren’t. You aren’t their savior.

If this fits your life, I’m giving you a clear warning. Turn before you get caught in the riptide.

Cut ties and pray for the person. Tell the person they are sinning and that you can’t take being around it any longer. Do it in love and when they try to cling to you, say goodbye.
Ask God to place you with people who walk in love and compassion for others. Look for people who uphold righteousness and love Christ.

So run! Don’t do it for me. Do it so your life will be blessed of God.

With love for your life

Pastor Jeff Mauer

(If this doesn’t fit your life, it might someone else’s. Please share this…)

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church