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A message straight from Jesus to you

A few years ago, the leadership of Faith Tabernacle began praying and asking for tongues and interpretation in our church. we were determined to hear God speak to the body during our services.

Paul made it pretty clear in the Bible how these gifts should manifest and we would trust God to deliver them His way. It didn’t take long for God to answer our request. Two woman in the body, who didn’t have any knowledge of our request of God began to manifest the gifts during our services. At first we were amazed but that soon paled when we began to hear incredible things spoken to us by God, His Son Jesus and Holy Spirit. We can now discern who is speaking to us.

We have been careful to document and record each of these interpretations and are planning to publish a book so that others can hear what God is speaking to the church today. It’s a wow!

To give you an example of what Papa God spoke to this church I am releasing this as a post for all to see. I hope it blesses and speaks to you directly. To the Glory of the Risen Christ, His Father and Holy Spirit, this is for you…

My children, I’m waiting
I’m waiting
I wait for you to come to Me
You lay out the things that you think are safe before Me
But I know your heart
Bare your souls before Me my children
I wait for that
I wait for you
Become real before Me my children
Become transparent and real before Me my children
Without fear
I will not rebuff you
Come to Me my children
Do you not know that I know the deepest, darkest most secret places of your heart
And yet I accept you in My beloved
I wait
Lay out what’s real in your heart My children
The true things
The true things that are hidden
You will not be rejected
Oh that you could know how accepted you are
How beloved you are
You would never run away from Me in fear again
You would never run away
Oh My children
Know that I am for you
Know that I am for you
This world has taught you many wrong things
Oh, unlearn it
Unlearn it
It’s not the truth
Seek Me
Seek My face
Seek what I say
And only that My children
And then you will know who I am
And you will never run away again
Know that nothing is hidden from Me
And I know it already but I desire to take your heaviest burdens
I desire to take your darkest sin
My children I hung on the cross for you and for these things
It’s done
It’s finished
Let it go
Give it to Me
Give it to Me!
My children, I took it upon myself all those years ago
Don’t hold onto it
Don’t hold back
You are My beloved
It is time for you to believe
It is time for you to believe My children what I am telling you
And block out the sounds of the world
For there you will find victory and rest
For there you will find the peace that passes understanding
There you will find My promises my children
Oh… how I love you

Jesus wants you to know that the Devil is a liar, a thief and a murderer. As long as he and his clan keep lying to you about who you are, constantly bringing up the past in your life, freedom will be hard to find.

The Lord Jesus loves you way more than you can possibly comprehend right now. So much so, He is willing to forgive whatever it is that you are struggling with in your life. Just know that the awful things you have done are nothing more than an entanglement with sin. Jesus knows how to untangle you from that web. He wants you free of it now.

Maybe you have never gotten on your knees and asked Jesus to forgive you. It isn’t that hard to do. Just get on your knees. Open your heart up to Him and talk as if you could see Him standing before you. He is as real as you are. Just because you can’t see Him doesn’t mean a thing. We are called to live by faith if we are to please God.

If you need help doing this, contact us. We receive requests for help from all over the world. We care.

Fill out our contact form and we will be in touch with you. We care about your life. So does The Lord. We will never condemn you for what you have done. We will love you unconditionally as Christ does. [Contact me]

With Christ’s love for you

Pastor Jeff Mauer

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church