FTC is a church set on raising up Disciples for Christ. With in-depth Bible Studies using Precept Ministry curriculum, the Word of God comes alive.

Each Tuesday evening, you are invited to join in and be part of what God is doing through this church body. Our studies use training books which will give you the reader, a very deep look at the Scriptures. The study books can be ordered directly from FTC by sending us your contact information above.

To Join in…

To join our studies using Zoom, you will need to download the app on your desktop or portable device.

After your Zoom app is running and you are logged in, click on join meeting and enter 540 540 1147. There is a password needed to get into the meeting. Please use the contact link above to let us know you would like to join in. We will supply you with the information you need.

  • The connection will only be available on Tuesday nights at 6:00 pm PST
  • If you are not joining to study the Word of God, you will be removed from the meeting

After the Zoom conference call where we discuss your homework, a video will begin down below on this page.

You will need high speed internet to watch on this viewer. If you can’t seem to connect or view the video player below, click here to use our “Alternative Viewer“.

Video Times: Tuesday 7:30pm Wednesday 10:00am PST


  • Linda Morden

    The written Word of God, The Bible, has come alive for me over the past 4 1/2 years due to the precept upon precept study FTC offers. It is no longer black ink on paper! It is an incredible experience each week we come together.

    God is changing lives, right before our eyes, as we implement into our lives, that what has been given to us as understanding through these studies,

    It is so amazing how God’s Word is implementable in our lives today as it was yesterday and as it will continue to be throughout all the tomorrows.

    We have been given have been favorably blessed by God with the most dedicated teacher. Debbie Mauer is a scholar of the Word of God. We are so fortunate to have her wisdom of the Bible guiding us to the understanding God wills for us.

    I would encourage anyone desiring to have change take place in their life, to join us in our studies each week of God’s eternal Word. Let God himself teach you what it is you must know and understand.

  • John Baird

    I’m new in the area and needing a church home, small groups, and bible studies. I live in Metaline Falls.

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