Solemn Day of Prayer

Solemn Day of Prayer

Are you ready?

Are you ready to see a change in America?

Everywhere we look we see a corrupted people. Lawlessness is abounding in our country. Even our upper courts have judges sitting on benches who don’t regard the law of the land. Yet, where are the Christians? Where are those in the churches who pray and seek God for a change?

Well, they are out there, but in very few numbers

It’s time to fast and pray

TMCI, our ordination covering has called all of it’s ministers, church bodies and missionaries to a two day call to arms. Not with guns and weapons, but with fasting and prayer. TMCI will be holding a fast and prayer day on the 18th. That evening, they will go live for those who want to watch the headquarters leadership prayer meeting.

FTC will be following up with prayer and fasting on the 19th. You are invited! The meeting will be at the American Legion on the 19th at 6:30pm PST

We will be beginning our prayer service with worship and then head right into deep intercession and prayer

For those of you who can’t be here, yes! We will be streaming the service. Just click on Live above and you will be connected that night

So please! Put this day on your calendar. If you live around Stevens Country… come! If you don’t… watch the service and be part of it on LIVE.

The Spirit has already shown me that this effort will be seen by Him as an Acts 2 church body. Miracles will break out all over the land. So begin by praying for the meeting

Lord bless you

Pastor Jeff Mauer

6th and Main Street
Colville WA 99114

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