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FTC is going on a field trip to Spokane to help out with the continuing rebuild of My Father’s House. You are invited to come and be part of this project. Let me share the mission statement which is on their website:

We envision an abiding place for the spirit of prayer and the manifest presence of God in the Spokane area. This basic purpose is to be accomplished first by a 24-hour-a-day nonstop ministry of prayer in a place dedicated to joyful worship and intercession in full expectation of God releasing His transforming influence into the region. Second, this house of prayer will focus on training and equipping young people and releasing them to disciple the nations for the coming great harvest. Third, this location will be open to all of the Body of Christ, including and encouraging all ethnic, cultural, and generational groups to unite their individuality to the whole, where God’s people manifest unity in diversity, bring down separating hindrances, and grow together toward the fullness of Christ. Fourth, musicians and singers- worshipers- will find their calling in the house of God as modern-day Levites who establish the atmosphere of heaven that releases effective intercession.

A few of our ministry leaders have been to this location multiple times. The presence of God is already in this house which is now sitting on a foundation. You won’t want to miss out on being part of the rebuilding of this home. Think of it this way… You have an opportunity to go visit your Fathers home in Spokane and do a little volunteer work for Him. He will be pleased with you. If you want more information on this project, please contact us and we will give you all the particulars.

May the Lord richly bless you and your household.

If you feel led to give financially to My Fathers House, feel free to click on the donate link above and please let us know where you want the money to go.


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