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Prayer Request

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Every person on this planet needs prayer and we are so glad you have trusted us to pray for you. We have a question though… Will you believe for God to answer your request if we pray for you? The Bible teaches us that our petitions are in fact heard and more, God will give us what we ask for. We just need to know that you are ready to get what you are asking for.

“If you ask anything in My Name, I will do it!”  John 14:14

We are going to pray for you and we know God is going to grant it as long as it is His will.  Here are some reasons God will not grant your request:

  • You doubt for it
  • It isn’t His will for you
  • He has other plans
  • You won’t wait
  • You refuse to turn from your sin

Know that God loves you so much. The proof is in Him asking His Son to die for your sins. Now He asks you to trust Him for your request. Will you? We want you to know we are for you and so is God Almighty the Great I AM!

When God answers your prayer, whether immediately or later, please come back and tell us what happened. We want to jump up and down just like you did…

Prayer Request
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