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    Why Am I Sick Again

    I was reflecting recently how I used to get sick every year. Sometimes I would be sick two or three times in a single year. Most of the time it was a cold, but there were many years where I had the flu on a regular basis. Not any more… I wonder how much I have spent on doctors visits in my lifetime? What about you? Are you sick all the time and wonder why the junk keeps coming your way? I am about to reveal why you get sick so that you can take back your life and stay well. I am not going to talk to your about…

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    What does it mean to bind

    One of the most important scriptures spoken by Jesus for a disciple would be found in; Matthew 16:19 (NKJV) 19 And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Thee two keys given to Peter are important for us to understand as believers today You and I live in both a physical and spiritual environment. While we get the physical fairly well, we do not discern the spiritual the way we should. It is time for us to learn all we can about that realm.…

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    When God Meets Sickness

    When I think about God I can’t help but realize how little we really know or understand about Him. What I do know though is this; He is so marvelous! I asked the old man if he was ready to be saved I want to share a story with you. It is a story of a miracle that took place while I was in Kenya on a mission trip in 2012. While there, we were asked if we would go to a local hospital to pray for the people there. We thought that would be wonderful. When we arrived the next day, we found three separate buildings holding around fifty…

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    The Power Of God To Change Us

    I took a team of Pastors to Kenya on a missions trip. We were invited to stay with a family of pastors up in the bush area. To say that this trip was incredible would be an understatement. When it comes to spiritual experiences that I have had with God, there has been nothing to compare with what we experienced there. In America, the spirits of doubt and unbelief are powerful and hold back the miracles revealed in many other countries. They hold back people from having tremendous encounters with Heaven as a result. Many who hold to their faith in Christ, never experience the miraculous or supernatural as a…

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    My Hip Hurts

    I was standing at the altar in church and noticed a woman get out of her seat and come forward for prayer. She limped up to my wife who was just done praying for another person. Debbie greeted Jill (fake name) warmly and asked how she could pray for her. Jill said, “My left hip is really hurting and I wonder if you would pray for me?” Even as she stood there, I could see her pain. I hate pain and how it brings such torment to people. My wife waited a moment for the Lord to speak to her and then she asked Jill, “Do you know where most…

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    Do You Drive With Your Headlights Off

    Years ago I remember driving down a two lane road and I noticed something that I had seen before but didn’t realize what it was. I could tell the person in the car coming towards me was looking at me. How is that possible? The pupil of the eye is incredibly small at any distance. How was I able to discern whether the person was looking at me or not? Regardless as to what I thought in the natural, I knew he was. The lamp of the body is the eye There had to be an answer for this so I went to the Word of God and searched for…

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    Facing Your Giants

    I have great news for you! God is very aware of what’s going on in your life. He is being updated constantly by the angels and the host which is around you.  (The great cloud of witnesses)  God knows when you are doing well, and He knows when you aren’t. Nothing is hidden from Him. He even knows your thoughts. God is amazing to say the least. Do not think for a moment these people aren’t possessed Today, as you and I look around, we are watching more and more evil being perpetrated on the Earth. When I was young, I didn’t face the hard things all of us are having to face today. It seemed a simpler time. …

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    Why Haven’t You Been Healed Yet?

    As a pastor and lover of Jesus, I have a deep desire to see people saved, healed and delivered of their sin. The Bible is very clear when we read God is going to allow sickness, disease and other issues come to us when we walk in disobedience to Him. It is also clear that we lived blessed lives when we walk in righteousness. It isn’t that God is an angry God, it is that He is a wrathful one. There is a difference between the two words. God will pour out his wrath over those who refuse to see Him as a King and their Creator. We can raise…

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    They Didn’t See Him Coming…

    Working for Him As my wife Debbie and I rounded the last turn which would take us down last aisle in the grocery store, I spotted what looked to be an older woman with her middle aged daughter in front of us. The older woman was pushing the cart which was really being used to haul her oxygen tank around the store. The tank was truly taking up most of the cart. As we sped up so we could pass them, I looked over at the mother and slowed down to the speed she was pushing her cart. As we came along side of the mother, I asked her, “You…

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    Has God given you a thorn?

    2 Corinthians 12:7 (NKJV) 7 And lest I should be exalted above measure by the abundance of the revelations, a thorn in the flesh was given to me, a messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I be exalted above measure. A couple of years ago, I went to visit a woman in our local hospital who was dying. It became even clearer to me that she was close to death when I entered her room. As we were talking back and forth, she made an interesting comment to me. “Pastor, I have peace knowing God has given me this sickness. It’s my thorn. And of course it is too…

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    Are Your Bags Packed Yet?

    I find it interesting at how many posts I see on Facebook declaring the soon return of Christ.  Often the photos say, “Jesus is coming soon!”  Yet, as a believer and follower of Christ, I am kind of bothered by all of these.  Not because I don’t want to see Jesus soon, but because there are still so many who desperately need Him.  While I might want Him to come for my sake, truly, there is still work to be done. The earth is filled with people who are still chosen by God to be part of His Kingdom.  So, what is it that bothers me about all these posts?  It’s that…

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    God Brings Them To Us

    I often have to giggle at the goodness of God. I went with my wife and my daughters to get their school supplies recently.  I have to be transparent and say shopping for school supplies isn’t one of my favorite things to do in life. But I wanted to be with my family regardless and I also wanted to make myself available to God should He have a kingdom appointment for us. The girls found all of the things they needed, so we headed towards a checkout line. As we began to unload our stuff onto the conveyor belt, I couldn’t help but look at all the people who were coming and going without any idea about…

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    When God Shows You A Vision

    After waking up one morning, I got busy with my routine and then got into the shower. I don’t know about you, but often the Lord speaks to me or gives me a vision while I am in the water. This was one of those mornings as the Lord began giving me a vision of a store owner in a small town. I was pretty sure I knew where the town was but didn’t recognize the person I was seeing. The town I was thinking of is over a tall mountain range from us. Thinking about what it would take to get there, I thought, “Well, Lord.. if that is…

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    A message straight from Jesus to you

    A few years ago, the leadership of Faith Tabernacle began praying and asking for tongues and interpretation in our church. we were determined to hear God speak to the body during our services. Paul made it pretty clear in the Bible how these gifts should manifest and we would trust God to deliver them His way. It didn’t take long for God to answer our request. Two woman in the body, who didn’t have any knowledge of our request of God began to manifest the gifts during our services. At first we were amazed but that soon paled when we began to hear incredible things spoken to us by God,…

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    Two Spiritual Kingdoms

    Whether you realize it or not, you and I are going through a spiritual battle every single day. The truth is, until the Lord gives us peace with the enemy, we will have to fight it out with them. Whether we take the victory or not depends on our standing with God. You definitely want to be on the winning team The truth is there are two very distinct kingdoms operating around us. There are people who have the ability to see these spiritual places with their own eyes, but they are few. These people are called seers. Samuel in the Bible was one of many who was revealed to…

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    Walking in the footsteps of God

    God is so amazing to me. He will lead each of us to the most interesting encounters with people who need a touch from Him. Last week, my associate Pastor and me ended up taking a friend and minister to the Emergency room in our local hospital. When we got him checked in, a nurse came out and took him into the ER. Knowing we would have some time before we could go in to see him in his room, we decided to go get some lunch in the cafeteria. After we were done, we went back to the waiting room. It isn’t a very big waiting room, but long…

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    How Will You Answer Him?

    Well, have you prepared your answer yet? While the world is speaking out against one another today, debating everything under the sun, declaring wrongful words over major situations, there really is a more pressing issue at hand. Your answer… You see, a day is coming where you will be required to give an account of your life. Yep! You will be on your knees and I AM, Our Great and Mighty God will be sitting on His throne in front of and above you. Let me help you prepare your thinking a little bit. If you were called to go before CTHM King Salman bin Abdul‘aziz of Saudi Arabia this…

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    What Happens When I Die

    While in Kenya on a missions trip, I was invited to speak at a funeral service for a woman who had died. The service was out in a very large open field and when my team and I got there, I realized there must have been over two thousand people in attendance. Tents had been set up for the people to sit under. Folding chairs had been supplied. The Lord had told me just before I went to sleep the previous night that I would be speaking. After we arrived, my team was shown to our seats, but only five minutes later, I was asked to speak. As I stood…

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    Men A Fire Ministry

    Faith Tabernacle has an arm of ministry which reaches out into the community. Men a Fire is a group of men who come together once a month to have fellowship, pray and worship God. These meetings are then closed with a Biblical teaching by one of our pastors. The men in this ministry have grown in their love for one another but even more importantly, they have learned how to serve others before themselves. The byproduct is men who are walking outside of their sin and becoming righteous before God. The Saturday following their meeting, the men go out into the community and have a work day somewhere. The morning…

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    Music Link

    Every week, we get requests to have CD’s made of our worship sets. As much as we love to produce these, they are time consuming and cost us money to make them. Instead, we have decided to go one step better. We are now going to put up our current worship sets on our website so that anyone can listen to the songs. Just click on the menu item ‘Worship‘ and you will see each song listed as a YouTube video. What’s even better is anyone can watch the videos as the songs were recorded. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do. In the last week, there…