Pastor Jeff

Jeff Mauer – Pastor

Our church’s founding Pastor has been devoted to walking with Christ for over fifty years. He committed his life to Jesus at the age of thirteen and has since dedicated himself to serving others and advancing the Kingdom of Heaven. Consequently, God is raising him up to be a powerful voice for His Kingdom.

Our Pastor’s ministry is characterized by a deep understanding of the Word of God. He operates in various spiritual gifts, including healing, evangelism, prophecy, exhortation, deliverance, word of knowledge, discerning of spirits, teaching, wisdom, knowledge, and love. His utmost desire is to see the captives set free and to guide individuals towards Salvation through Christ Jesus. Even in his interactions in the marketplace, he is always attentive to those in need of prayer or healing.

Pastor Jeff excels in guiding men to walk in righteousness with God. While he effectively shepherds our church community, he also ministers to people wherever he goes outside of the church, always seeking those who are desperate for a touch from God.

Through divine revelation, Pastor Jeff has been bestowed with profound insights, and he does not shy away from sharing these teachings with those who have a genuine desire to learn. His ability to motivate the saints and inspire them to embrace their true identities is exceptional. Many individuals who have hit rock bottom in life have experienced remarkable transformation under his guidance.

After dedicating seven years to writing, Pastor Jeff published his first book, titled “The Last Penny – The Hidden Truth About Sin.” This book is filled with revelations about the inner workings of heaven. The Amazon reviews consistently echo the sentiment, “Why isn’t this being taught in our church?”

More recently, his second book, “Bugs – In the Church,” was released and is also available through Amazon. Both books serve as valuable resources for those seeking spiritual growth and understanding.

Pastor Jeff and his wife Debbie minister together, both within and beyond the church, as they wholeheartedly serve the Lord and His people.

Pastor Debbie

Debbie Mauer – Assoc. Pastor

Pastor Debbie possesses an unwavering authority in the Word of God. She operates in the gifts of healing and deliverance, demonstrating the power of God in tangible ways. Her profound understanding of Scripture shines brightly as she leads engaging and enlightening Bible studies. If you’re interested, please check out the link above for our ongoing Studies, which utilize the Precepts Ministry Curriculum by Kay Arthur.

For over twenty-five years, Pastor Debbie has been faithfully guiding these studies, enriching the lives of countless individuals. She emanates a mother’s love and compassion towards those who are hurting. Each day, she dedicates herself to fervent prayer for the afflicted and those in need of the touch of Jesus.

Pastor Jeff and Debbie work seamlessly together in their ministry, unhindered by borders or boundaries, as they lead people to encounter God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Debbie has embraced a maternal role for numerous women across the globe. She carries a divine anointing to minister to women who are hurting and in need of a touch from God. Her days are often filled with texting and speaking with women from all over the nation, interceding for them in prayer. Through her earnest supplications, countless individuals have experienced healing from deep emotional wounds and physical ailments.

In addition to her ministry endeavors, Debbie is a devoted wife and mother to four children. She also serves as a spiritual mother to many others who yearn for a nurturing figure in their lives. Her impact and influence extend far beyond her immediate family, reaching the hearts and souls of those who desperately need guidance and support.


  • Pastor Joshua Oendo

    Dear Brethren,
    We are happy and moved by what you share and teach. We are moved in our hearts writing to you and request for your teachings, such as your beliefs of your ministry to help teach the congregation here. We are located in Kenya Africa.
    We honor to hear from you. may the Lord bless you all.
    Pastor Joshua

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