Jeff Mauer – Sr. Pastor

Our churches founding Pastor has walked with Christ for over fifty years. Saved at thirteen years old, because of his devotion to the Lord, God has raised him to be a voice for the Kingdom of God.

Our Pastor walks in the gifts of healing, evangelism, prophecy, exhortation, deliverance, word of knowledge, discerning of spirits, teaching, wisdom, knowledge and love. His greatest desire is to set the captives free and to lead men into a place of Salvation through Christ Jesus. Even in the marketplace, he is always looking for those in need of prayer or healing.

Pastor Jeff excels at helping men to walk in righteousness with God.

While our Pastor is a wonderful shepherd to this church body, as well as many outside of the church. 

He has been given great revelation from above and does not hold back in teaching those who have a hunger to learn more.

Pastor Jeff is gifted in motivating the saints of God to yearn for spiritual perfection, so they can live victorious Christian lives. He also mentors us into having our own intimate relationship with God. All of this direction is through simple, practical and life applicable teachings.

After seven years of writing, our Pastor has released his first book called, “The Last Penny – The hidden truth about sin”. The book is packed out with revelation of the inner workings of heaven. The most common statement in reviews by readers is , “Why isn’t this being taught in our church?”

We encourage you to order your copy from Amazon or any number of eBook or paperback outlets.

Jeff and his wife Debbie jointly minister both inside and outside of the church.  They are blessed with four children; Jennifer, Kevin, Rebekah and Emmalyn and have three grandchildren.

Pastor Debbie

Debbie Mauer – Assoc. Pastor

Pastor Debbie is a powerhouse in the Word of God and ministers in His authority. She walks in the gift of healings and deliverance. God has granted her a deep knowledge of the Word of God and becomes very apparent when she leads her Bible studies. As a side note, you might check out the link above for our ongoing Bible Studies. 

Pastor Debbie exudes a mothers Love to the hurting

Pastor Jeff and Debbie flow together in this ministry with no borders or boundaries in how they lead others to God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Debbie has been a mother to multitudes of woman around the world. She carries an anointing for the hurting woman who need a touch from God. Often her days are filled with texting and speaking with woman all over the nation; praying for them. Many have been healed of deep wounds and physical issues through her prayers.

Debbie is a wife, mother to four children a mother and friend to many others who desperately need a mother figure in their lives.

Pastor Mark

Mark Smith – Assoc. Pastor

Faith Tabernacle Church is blessed to have Mark as our associate Pastor.  After a tremendous encounter with the Lord a few years ago, Mark was reminded that God had called him to be a Pastor when he was a young man. He has proven himself to be incredibly loyal to God and to the body of Christ.

It is not uncommon to see this Pastor in tears as he encounters Heaven

Pastor Mark continues to have amazing encounters with the Lord Jesus. As a result, he brings a zeal and love for the brethren, nurturing them into a holy life with God. Pastor Mark walks in healing and deliverance and has been given great wisdom from above.

Using his spiritual gifts, Pastor Mark looks right into the heart of men so that they will be delivered. Many have been settled with God through his ministry. One of the greatest attributes of Pastor Mark is his love of the Godhead. It is not uncommon to see this Pastor in tears before God as He sees in the Spirit.

Both Pastors work very closely together which has formed a tremendous team in ministry. They have both been to Kenya where they witnessed Jesus move powerfully in the lives of multitudes. 

Every morning the team of Pastors would wake up to people who had walked all night to be healed.  As a result, many were saved and healed.  Both pastors have set their hearts to serve Jesus with whatever He asks of them. Winning souls being their main objective.

Pastor Mark comes from a large family and is blessed to have a father and mother who are sold out believers in Christ. His wife Jeanette is also an ordained minister and is part of the church leadership team. They have five children and all of them are doing well in life.


Jeanette Smith – Assoc. Pastor

Pastor Jeanette walks with Holy Spirit in a very unique way. She ministers to many through her unique love language. Telling others what God, Jesus or Holy Spirit have to say to them.

Pastor Jeanette flows in the Spirit and sees deeply into the places God dwells. She has had multitudes of visions, dreams and has no problem hearing The Spirit speak.

Often using her gifts to speak prophetically into those who are desperate to hear from God, Jesus or Holy Spirit.

She is a great blessing to FTC as she ministers to woman all over.

As a wife, mother and minister of the Gospel of Christ, we are grateful to have this team walking with us.

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