Pastor’s Morning Prayer

Over the years, the Spirit of God, Jesus and Papa have taught me how to get up in the morning. First Them!

“Father, in the Name of Jesus, I put on the full armor of GOD
The armor of thorns
The Robe of the Beauty of Holiness
The Robe of Your Glory
The Robe of Your Grace and Mercy
I put on Patience, Wisdom, Prudence, Diligence, Discernment, Learning, Teaching, and knowledge
I put on Revelation and Great insights through Your Heart
I cast down every wicked work which has come against me during the night
Every spell, every curse, every wicked word laid up against my life, my family is bound and cast down
I loose myself of all disease, sickness and infirmity
I bind it all and cast it down
I destroy all wicked and evil plans against my life, my family and loved ones now!
I set before me, this day, great successes in and through You
I declare today to be a great and awesome day, full of blessings and encounters with Heaven
I declare I am the head and not the tail
I will have honor and favor of men wherever I go or with whatever I do
Every lost blessing in my family line is being delivered into my hands this day
I declare my vehicle will not wear out or break down
I declare everything You have given me and my family is to not be touched by the enemy
For whatever they have stolen from me in the past is to be brought back immediately!

I put on the fruits of the Spirit of God
I put on the Attributes of my Friend Jesus
And Holy Spirit, take my hand and lead me and my family through this day
I am determined to walk rightly without any presumptuous sin in my life
I ask Father that You would keep me from the evil one
That their plans are brought to nothing

I declare no weapon formed against me or my family will ever prosper
And Papa, I give You all honor and Glory due
I cast my crowns at the feet of Jesus this day
I am so grateful to have another day of life ahead
Make it a prosperous day Lord

Lastly, I put on Jesus, my Beautiful Friend
I’m in Christ
I’m in Holy Spirit
I’m in the Great I AM, my Father

All this in Jesus Name