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The Courtroom

I received a text message recently and the person who sent it was asking me if I could talk with him. I was on my way to my associate pastor’s home and had about fifteen minutes of drive time. So, rather than text him back, I decided to call instead. He answered the phone and it didn’t take long for me to realize he was in trouble.

“Pastor, I got a phone call from a girl I had sex with about two months ago and she thinks she’s pregnant!”

About a month earlier, I had led this young man to the Lord and began to speak into his life about the things of God. He is going to do great works for The Lord down the road. On the outside he looks like a guy who could care a less about life. But I saw something in him and know God wants me to mentor him. Wasn’t I surprised when I heard these turn of events?

Sam said the following things to me:

“I don’t even like the girl. We just hooked up one evening.”

“I don’t want a child.”

“I don’t want the responsibility of raising this kid!”

“I don’t know why this happened to me…”

“All I want to do now is learn how to be a good Christian. What am I going to do?”

He actually made more comments to me, but to expedite this story, I am cutting the list short.

I responded back by saying, “Sam, do you realize in almost every statement you have made to me, you used the word ‘I’?”

He said, “But Pastor, you don’t understand, I don’t want this to be happening to me now!”

“Sam, you did it again. You said what you want. Have you ever considered thinking from Gods perspective? Have you ever wondered what He wants?” Not once did you say to me, “I want the very best for this child and the mother. What should I do?”

There was a long pause and Sam said, “I know what you are saying is right. I’m just scared right now. I do care about what God thinks, but right now all I can think about is me.” I thought about that for a moment and realized that is the first right thing he has so far. It is also what most people think about as well; themselves.

I asked.

“Sam, what does the girl want?”

“I don’t know. She hasn’t taken a pregnancy test yet. She just called and said she thinks she’s pregnant.”

I wait on the Lord when I talk with people because it would be easy for me to speak out what I think instead of what He thinks. “Sam, do you realize you have defiled one of Gods little girls?” He said he didn’t realize that is how God would think of it. He didn’t even know that God cared about it. How disconnected we are as a people from the will of God who loves us so much.

The Lord spoke to me and said, “Bring him into my court.” A few years ago, the Lord began to show me that He is still a judge and He has a courtroom that few believers ever go into. But our sin does. Every time we blow it with God, our sin heads right up into the courtroom and sues us. Because we don’t bother to go to court to defend ourselves, we end up losing the case every time. As a result, our sin takes a legal win in our lives.

When I began to realize through the scriptures that this is happening to us, the Lord began to invite me into court to plead the cases for sinners He brought to me. So I asked Sam, “The Lord wants to have you come before Him in Heaven. Are you willing to go with me?” I didn’t even have to explain it to Sam. He said, “Yes!”

I prayed and said, “Jesus, thank You for the invitation to bring Sam into Your presence and allow me to plead his case before You. I ask that You would bring the spirit of Sam, the girl and me into Your court.” I knew we were instantly there.

As I was praying this, I pulled into my associate pastors driveway and parked my Tahoe. I didn’t see anyone around so I continued on in prayer. A couple of minutes later, my associate pastor Mark showed up outside and I invited him to come and sit with me as I prayed. Mark is a seer. He has been to heaven many times and has been invited by the Lord to be inside of the courtroom watching cases be tried. He has seen Jesus on his throne, the demons screaming at the people and others there in training. I didn’t have to tell Mark what I was doing, he was already in the courtroom with us. I asked Mark, “Who is with us in the room?” He told me there was the four of us, but there was also a man standing behind Sam.

I asked, “Sam, do you sense there is a man standing behind you right now?”

He thought about it for a few seconds and said he didn’t know who it might be. I looked at my associate pastor and asked him if he knew who it was. He didn’t.

“Sam, is it possible your father is with you?”

“Well, I told my father this morning what was going on and he told me to take responsibility.”

I said, “I believe your father is standing behind you right now. So, let’s get going.”

What father wouldn’t go to court with his son in the physical? Jesus must have felt the same way. He brought the spirit of Sam’s father up into court to be with his son.

I began to plead the case for Sam. “Lord, I stand before You and ask that You would have mercy on Sam and this girl. They have surely sinned before You and they are guilty. Sam has come to be one of Your children recently Lord and I am asking that You would have mercy on both of them. Sam, turn towards the girl and say whatever it is that you want to.”

Sam began to speak out to her. “Will you please forgive me for having sex with you. I was wrong to defile you the way I did. And I am sorry I may have gotten you pregnant. I will do whatever I need to do for you and the child.”

“Sam, turn to your father and say what you will to him.”

Sam did. He began to speak and ask his father to forgive him for not walking rightly in his life. He asked his father to forgive him for being rebellious and not honoring him. His father forgave him.

“Sam, ask Jesus to forgive you both for what you have done in His sight.”

Sam turned towards the Lord who was sitting on His throne and said, “Jesus, forgive us for sinning before You. Please forgive this girl (name held) for sinning too. Please set us free of this guilt.”

It wasn’t a long prayer but I could tell it was from his heart. Jesus then said something to me that I have never heard in over forty five years of being one of His children. “Ask Me to move the child from this girl to a couple who is desperate for a child.” Whoa…

When Jesus tells me to do something, I don’t question it. I just do it.

“Jesus, I ask You to move this child to a married couple who have been waiting to have a child of their own. I ask this in the Name of Jesus.”

I knew the moment I asked, Jesus had already done it. I thanked the Lord for what He did for this couple. We were done, so I asked the Lord to release us from His court and presence so that I could pray for them. We were instantly back in the physical and I prayed for Sam, the girl and his father and we hung up.

I had gone to Marks house to help him with a project. As we sat in my Tahoe we talked for a minute about what had happened in the court. Then we thanked Jesus for who He is and got to work. About three hours later, we were done with the project and I got into my vehicle and headed home. Going down the driveway, I saw that I had a text message and it was from Sam. “Please call me!” When he answered the phone, he told me the rest of the story.

After we talked the first time, he drove over to the girl’s home. He sat down with her and asked to be forgiven for what he did to her. He told her how he had given his life to Jesus about a month earlier and knew that they had made a mistake before God. She didn’t understand any of what he was talking about, but was glad he came over. They went to a store and picked up three pregnancy tests. Then went home and checked to see if she was pregnant. All three tests showed up negative.

Same seemed so surprised that she wasn’t pregnant. I was smiling because I knew she had been. The Lord had shown me that she was with a little girl inside of her. But Sam didn’t have a clue that Jesus had done exactly what I had prayed for.

So, I said, “Sam, the Lord had me pray for your girlfriend. Do you remember what I prayed? I asked Jesus to move that child from her to a couple who was desperate for a child. That is exactly what He did. Your friend was pregnant this morning. She had a little girl in her. Now she doesn’t. That is the power of God.”

Sam blurted out, “Are you saying that she was pregnant and God moved the child from her?”

“Yes, I saw a little girl in the spirit when you first called. I knew your friend was pregnant. Sam, you need to believe by faith for what God wants to do with your life. He is the One who asked me to pray for that child to be moved. I didn’t just arbitrarily do that. I was doing the will of God.”

Same said, “Oh my God! I can’t believe this! Wow…” Sam was undone at the idea that God loved him so much that He would do what He did for him.

“Pastor, I would have paid for her to have an abortion.”

“Sam, my guess is that God knew you both would do this. And he didn’t want to mark you as a murderer. He wants to use you for His glory on the earth. Yes, He could have forgiven an abortion, but I don’t know that you would have ever asked to be forgiven. Maybe He knew you wouldn’t. All I know is that unforgiven murderers don’t make it into heaven.”

Sam told me how grateful he was to God. He also told me that he was going to determine to become a strong sold out Christian for God. That is my prayer for him. I also pray for his friend that she will turn from her sin and seek the face of God as well.

I am writing this testimony so that it will go out as a prophetic word on the earth. I hope this has blessed your life.

Pastor Jeff Mauer

Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church