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This ministry is impacting lives world-wide. We have planted a new FTC church in Kenya recently. The people are already experiencing big miracles of the Lord. As well, we have many many people, couples who have embraced the teaching of FTC, and are now in ministry for the Lord. Live streaming, local ministry, countless other tasks cost money. If you want to plant yours into good soil, knowing we are doing all we know to do for GOD, then please jump in! We will not let you down. Your investment will go to incredible ministry work around the world.

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Pastor Jeff Mauer

We know multitudes of people are speaking out these prayers each morning. Please! Leave a comment below, telling us what GOD has done for you through these words.

Our desire is that your life is blessed beyond measure. Keep pressing in and share the Glory of our GOD with the world…

Pastors Morning Prayer
Daily Prayer
Morning Prayers
Pray for Jerusalem

One Comment

  • Marie Jean-Bart

    I am really blessed Those prayers are really from the Holy Spirit Thank you for letting the Holy Spirit use you May the same spirit find me I really want to give him my whole heart He is everything in my life This is my greater desire to surrender my entire life to him but it is impossible without his grace May he fill my heart with his love and give me the gift of discernment to stay in his plan for my life

    Thank you very much

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