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Shofars Call – Trad
God Who Moves The Mountains – Cory Voss
Lord Send Revival – Hillsong
Rattle (Live) – Elevation Worship
Graves Into Gardens – Elevation Worship
Anything Is Possible – Bethel
Egypt – Bethel
Loved By You – Ian Yates
Prayer Music – Christian Instrumental

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  • Sharon vaughan

    No matter what I have already learned about the Lord my God their is alway more to learn! When u come to know so much more about Jesus wow! I am very glad that God has brought me to FTC for this time we are in! I love hearing the Word preached and taught! I’ve been blessed beyond measure to be under these pastors! To be able to say I don’t understand and they go before God to give us the best understanding they can! I say quite often that I am a Blessed woman of God because it is true! Looking forward to meeting many of you here on this earth or at the banquet table the Lord is preparing for His children! Amen!

  • Haden Guffey

    I was truly blessed today to hear a message that was delivered boldly from the throne. I was bessed to hear you speaking about the finished work of the cross. You shot straight with love on sin and did not sugar coat it. So many pastors wink at and even turn a blind eye to sin. May God continue to bless you and your wife. Love in Christ Jesus! Haden

  • Pastor

    We are thrilled to know you are praying for us Tim. We value you and your wife. Jump in anytime and you will surely receive blessings from God. I’s never been easier to catch our streams now. Both here on the website, but now on Facebook. Thank You Lord! Blessings brother!

  • Pr. Tim Slutter Sr.

    I was unable to catch your life streaming tonight but I listened to some of the music at the end. I am getting closer! We always include you and Debbie in our weekly prayer sessions. I can’t thank Our Lord enough for freeing me from the demonic possesions. I love the feeling when the Lord speaks to me to go and pray for someone when out in the community. I want to suggest everyone to listen for that voice. The Holy Spirit will tell you when someone needs prayer. And when you think about it what more wonderful thing can you do for someone than pray for them! God Bless your wonderful work.

  • Linda Morden

    When pastor Jeff began praying in tongues; I couldn’t contain the joy that God released in me!!!!
    It was so wonderful!
    When he did that he released God’s presence and spirit right straight through the waves of the internet!
    I could feel my spirit man
    Rise up in me with excitment.

  • Linda

    At the second pastor Jeff began to pray in tongues over the element of The Precious Blood of Jesus;
    The Spirit of God was released over the airwaves.
    I felt A quickening in my spirit immediately upon the 1st syllable he uttered!
    I trembled
    I rejoiced
    I was refreshed with Joy.
    God’s presence was undeniably
    heavy and comforting tonight.
    Glory to God!🕊

  • Alan Rocha

    God has been speaking very loudly to me and the signs were not seen when spoken to me. The fear of Our Lord weighs heavily upon me like never before. Can’t articulate the words enough to describe what it is I have been shown and heard. Are we going to have service this Sunday via web Pastor Jeff. Thank you and God bless


  • Katie McCoy

    While we were worshipping I saw us standing in an ancient street, just in front of the door of an old house, before us stood peter and Jesus stood with him. Peter was speaking to the crowd of mockers in acts 2. We stood and worshipped as he spoke to the Jews, delivering the words of the Lord.

    During the song the blessing I found myself standing before King Josiah as he heard the words of the law for the first time. I stood before this very young king as he began to repent and tear at his clothing and kneel and weep before God. I saw him realize the state of his country, their sin, his own sin, and weep. And I saw him stand up, and turn his people toward God, tear down the idols and worship the one true God. One very young man turned the nation to God.

  • Linda Morden

    Reminding Word
    Of who we as children of The Most Holy God
    Let His church be
    A people
    Who serve
    With wholeheartedness
    The Holy One
    Of Israel.

  • Stephanie McCoy

    During The Blessing, I saw us at the base of a waterfall. It was where we had pulled the stone out of the wall. The Lord had us there to refresh us and fill us so that He could use us as a conduit to our community.

  • Linda Morden

    After the third song Holy Spirit went off in me. This is what he had to say.
    Glory to God!!!

    I stand in the midst of the seven lampstands and I hold the Seven Stars of the churches in my hands.
    You will face Fierce times ahead
    Victory is in me
    I am the Lion of Judah

    There will be severe testing of mankind.

    The spirit of self has destroyed Society & the order of society.
    You are my beloved
    I am your savior
    I am your judge
    I Am a terror.

    I have given you access to an open heaven. Come to Me.
    Return to me.
    Repentwith a pure heart
    prepared for my coming.
    I am the 1st
    I am Last
    I sit upon the throne of Heaven
    I am God
    I have you in my right hand.

  • Carol L Darby

    Thank you so much for the worship tonight….from Tucson AZ but I used to live in Colville and there are a number of people there that are children of my friends. Very teary eyed here. Love you all and Praise God!

  • mark smith

    awesome word ,people listen to what he says .i have lived under what he has been teaching and have been blessed in all the ways of my life.

  • Angela Campbell

    Lord tonight of Atonement, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, may the veil come off their eyes, may you reveal yourself in signs, wonders, and miracles. Deliver them and our nation from corruption. Bring down the spirit of greed, pride, ambition, compromise, wrath, war against mankind, and reveal your sons and daughters to rise and walk in authority and power to advance your Kingdom. In Jesus name, Amen Adding my prayers with yours.

  • Mary Mackey

    I am so blessed that the Lord brought me to this wonderful little congregation.
    In the natural it may be few in number but the seats are filled with angles. They also fly In a circular motion above.

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