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    What happens when we sin?

    As an infection tries to take over a person’s blood or flesh, the bodies immune system will begin to work against it. But what happens when the immune system can no longer kill off the infection? Death takes place. You and I are now watching the same thing happen in the spiritual realm. There is an infection in mankind and it is called sin. It’s always been with us, but now the infection is multiplying and growing at a rate that doesn’t look good for our futures. God always shows us what is wrong in our lives spiritually by revealing it to us in the physical. For example, MERSA is…

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    Hot Chocolate Encounter

    The girl working the drive-through window at McDonald’s had no idea my wife and I were watching her make our hot chocolates. We had just left watching a movie at the theater and knowing we had a long drive home, stopped for something to warm us up. While we sat in the car at the window, we both noticed the girl was really struggling making our drinks. She was grabbing and tossing things angrily as she made them. Clearly frustrated about something in life, while she tried to hide her emotions with her co-workers, we were watching the whole thing. The world has no idea that our emotions are really…

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    Loyal and Obedient

    When my wife and I met Tim and Nancy Roberts, we began a friendship and really an intimate relationship with this couple. They were both a Godly couple who were clearly placed before us to help us grow into our calling of God. I remember how often Tim would say to me, “I have prayed for twenty five years that God would build a church with loyal and obedient people and you and Debbie are the beginning of it.” About nine years ago, we began Faith Tabernacle Church at the Word of the Lord. There was no mistaking that we were supposed to do this for God. When He told…

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    The Truth Project – 2019

    The Lord spoke to me recently saying, “Here is your vision for next year. Tell My people the Truth” It sounds so simplistic, doesn’t it? We all know we should be telling people the Truth. Yet, that isn’t what Jesus was telling me to lay out for the church. He said, “I want My people to begin to tell others the Truth. I have told FTC The Truth and I want them to spread it over the Earth”. So, what is it that He wants us to tell the people? Why they are sick Why they are miserable That depression and anxiety are demonic spirits That sin will happily lead…

  • Ministering in Parking Lot

    Another One Bolted

    This week has been an interesting one for me. I have had a couple of opportunities to pray with people in the marketplace. Let me share one of the stories now… My first encounter with this was with a woman limping to her car. I was getting out of my vehicle in a parking lot and saw her pass in front of me. I got out of my vehicle and walked up behind her. I said, “You don’t look like you’re doing very well!” She said, “No! My foot is hurting so bad…” She had stopped to see who was talking to her and I introduced myself. I told her…

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    2018 – Expect God To Move

    Rock Church International added a new video: Kent Christmas Prophecy 2018. God has been speaking to me prophetically about our nation and about the church, and I have never written down a prophetic word before in thirty-some years that God has used me prophetically. To my knowledge I’ve never got behind the pulpit and read a prophetic word of the Lord. But God has given me so much over the last few days that in my prayer time I could do nothing but write. So today I’m going to read you a prophecy that God has been giving me. And this prophecy deals with the nation, it deals with the…

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    Don’t Look Back

    Don’t look back When I was a young boy, I used to read the Scriptures a lot. I was fascinated by the stories of great hero’s and villains against God. I still am. One story that used to really make me think, was the saga of Lot and his family being led out of Sodom and Gomorrah. What an awful place they lived in. I wondered why Lot would keep his family in such a terrible place. Let alone offer his daughters to the people. The one event in that story that really bothered me was when Lots wife was told, “Do not look back!” That story made a huge…

  • Woman on bench

    A Miracle Waiting to Happen

    For the woman who needed a miracle, little did she know it was on the way… I took our daughter Emma to Spokane yesterday for an appointment. After we did some running around we then decided to go to the mall to get some dinner. We talked about life and stuff over the meal and I realized our daughter is growing up. She is turning from a teen to a young adult right before my eyes. I kept thinking how wonderful God is in how He creates us and then grows us up. But also knowing the battle against us is fierce along the way. There is an adversary who…

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    The Trigger Finger

    After one of our Friday night worship meetings, I gave one of our people a ride home. Along the way we were talking about this and that when she mentioned she had a trigger finger. She continued telling me about it saying, “God is showing me what it is that has caused this. I’m looking forward to Him healing me” I knew God wanted to heal her so smiling I said, “What did you just say?” “I am hoping God will show me what is causing my trigger finger…” Again I said, “What did you just say?” She giggled as if I was deaf and said, “I have this trigger finger…

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    Who is that speaking

    Yesterday, Pastor Mark called me and asked if I would go with him to help an older woman with a need. She was asking us to come and move a piece of furniture from one storage unit to another. Mark and I both knew we had a Kingdom appointment and we were interested to see what God was going to do. When we picked up the lady, she got into the car and began to speak… non-stop. I mean, she never used a period on any one sentence. I’m not even sure she took a breath. I put my finger over my mouth… As the three of us drove to…

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    The reward was prayer and prime rib

    Debbie and I had fun last night in Spokane. We were invited to a Pastors appreciation dinner put on by the Gideon’s. When we arrived at the Red Lion Inn we noticed the place was packed with people. The conference had already been going for two days, but last night was set aside for pastors around the region. The look on his face said it all! Walking in, we were immediately greeted and led to the sign in area. Once that was taken care of, another man came over and offered to take us to our seats. We were made to feel so important by the Gideons, and the attention…

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    Do You Dress For Success

    A few years ago, my Associate Pastor and I walked into a Wal-Mart store and headed down one of the main aisles towards the back. We were on a mission from God. There was someone there who needed a touch from Him, so we were making ourselves available to whoever needed that touch. Mark and I work together to further the Kingdom of God here on Earth as we both minister in healing and deliverance. I am blessed that Pastor Mark also walks as a seer for God. If you don’t know what a seer is, they are people who God has allowed to ‘see’ into the spiritual realm. These…

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    What does it mean to bind

    One of the most important scriptures spoken by Jesus for a disciple would be found in; Matthew 16:19 (NKJV) 19 And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Thee two keys given to Peter are important for us to understand as believers today You and I live in both a physical and spiritual environment. While we get the physical fairly well, we do not discern the spiritual the way we should. It is time for us to learn all we can about that realm.…

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    When God Meets Sickness

    When I think about God I can’t help but realize how little we really know or understand about Him. What I do know though is this; He is so marvelous! I asked the old man if he was ready to be saved I want to share a story with you. It is a story of a miracle that took place while I was in Kenya on a mission trip in 2012. While there, we were asked if we would go to a local hospital to pray for the people there. We thought that would be wonderful. When we arrived the next day, we found three separate buildings holding around fifty…

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    The Power Of God To Change Us

    I took a team of Pastors to Kenya on a missions trip. We were invited to stay with a family of pastors up in the bush area. To say that this trip was incredible would be an understatement. When it comes to spiritual experiences that I have had with God, there has been nothing to compare with what we experienced there. In America, the spirits of doubt and unbelief are powerful and hold back the miracles revealed in many other countries. They hold back people from having tremendous encounters with Heaven as a result. Many who hold to their faith in Christ, never experience the miraculous or supernatural as a…

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    They Didn’t See Him Coming…

    Working for Him As my wife Debbie and I rounded the last turn which would take us down last aisle in the grocery store, I spotted what looked to be an older woman with her middle aged daughter in front of us. The older woman was pushing the cart which was really being used to haul her oxygen tank around the store. The tank was truly taking up most of the cart. As we sped up so we could pass them, I looked over at the mother and slowed down to the speed she was pushing her cart. As we came along side of the mother, I asked her, “You…

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    God Brings Them To Us

    I often have to giggle at the goodness of God. I went with my wife and my daughters to get their school supplies recently.  I have to be transparent and say shopping for school supplies isn’t one of my favorite things to do in life. But I wanted to be with my family regardless and I also wanted to make myself available to God should He have a kingdom appointment for us. The girls found all of the things they needed, so we headed towards a checkout line. As we began to unload our stuff onto the conveyor belt, I couldn’t help but look at all the people who were coming and going without any idea about…

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    When God Shows You A Vision

    After waking up one morning, I got busy with my routine and then got into the shower. I don’t know about you, but often the Lord speaks to me or gives me a vision while I am in the water. This was one of those mornings as the Lord began giving me a vision of a store owner in a small town. I was pretty sure I knew where the town was but didn’t recognize the person I was seeing. The town I was thinking of is over a tall mountain range from us. Thinking about what it would take to get there, I thought, “Well, Lord.. if that is…

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    A message straight from Jesus to you

    A few years ago, the leadership of Faith Tabernacle began praying and asking for tongues and interpretation in our church. we were determined to hear God speak to the body during our services. Paul made it pretty clear in the Bible how these gifts should manifest and we would trust God to deliver them His way. It didn’t take long for God to answer our request. Two woman in the body, who didn’t have any knowledge of our request of God began to manifest the gifts during our services. At first we were amazed but that soon paled when we began to hear incredible things spoken to us by God,…

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    Walking in the footsteps of God

    God is so amazing to me. He will lead each of us to the most interesting encounters with people who need a touch from Him. Last week, my associate Pastor and me ended up taking a friend and minister to the Emergency room in our local hospital. When we got him checked in, a nurse came out and took him into the ER. Knowing we would have some time before we could go in to see him in his room, we decided to go get some lunch in the cafeteria. After we were done, we went back to the waiting room. It isn’t a very big waiting room, but long…