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    The Great Apostasy is here

    God has blessed FTC in so many ways. First and foremost, we always encounter Papa, Jesus, or Holy Spirit during our services.  The atmosphere is often thick with the Glory of God, and as a result, many visitors leave because they can’t stay in the presence of Heaven. For about the last eight years, we have received tongues and interpretations during our times together. Oh, the words we have received from The Godhead have been incredible. There is nothing more beautiful than hearing your Creator speak. Friday, August 17th, 2019 is a day I soon won’t forget. The service was already over the top with the Presence of God. Worship…

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    What happens when we sin?

    As an infection tries to take over a person’s blood or flesh, the bodies immune system will begin to work against it. But what happens when the immune system can no longer kill off the infection? Death takes place. You and I are now watching the same thing happen in the spiritual realm. There is an infection in mankind and it is called sin. It’s always been with us, but now the infection is multiplying and growing at a rate that doesn’t look good for our futures. God always shows us what is wrong in our lives spiritually by revealing it to us in the physical. For example, MERSA is…

  • Sin is like an infection

    Sin Is Like An Infection

    As an infection tries to take over a person’s blood or flesh, the bodies immune system will begin to work against it. But what happens when the immune system can no longer kill off the infection? Death takes place. You and I are now watching the same thing happen in the spiritual realm. There is an infection in mankind and it is called sin. It’s always been with us, but now the infection is multiplying and growing at a rate that doesn’t look good for our futures. God always shows us what is wrong in our lives spiritually by revealing it to us in the physical. For example, MERSA is…

  • Loyal and Obedient
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    Loyal and Obedient

    When my wife and I met Tim and Nancy Roberts, we began a friendship and really an intimate relationship with this couple. They were both a Godly couple who were clearly placed before us to help us grow into our calling of God. I remember how often Tim would say to me, “I have prayed for twenty five years that God would build a church with loyal and obedient people and you and Debbie are the beginning of it.” About nine years ago, we began Faith Tabernacle Church at the Word of the Lord. There was no mistaking that we were supposed to do this for God. When He told…

  • Plugged ears

    I don’t want to hear it!

    As the Body of Christ watches the world turn more and more to sin, don’t think for a moment that many Christians won’t turn and follow. Sin is a slippery, sensuous foe. It is persuasive and a liar. Sin will lead the strongest person who walks with Christ right into the pit. I’m writing this article today as the Spirit of God is saying to me, “Tell the people to uncover their ears to My voice!” Why would The Spirit say this? Just as a child will mimic the parents good or bad behavior, so will the Believer in Christ if there isn’t something in place to guard them. Sin…

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    The Truth Project – 2019

    The Lord spoke to me recently saying, “Here is your vision for next year. Tell My people the Truth” It sounds so simplistic, doesn’t it? We all know we should be telling people the Truth. Yet, that isn’t what Jesus was telling me to lay out for the church. He said, “I want My people to begin to tell others the Truth. I have told FTC The Truth and I want them to spread it over the Earth”. So, what is it that He wants us to tell the people? Why they are sick Why they are miserable That depression and anxiety are demonic spirits That sin will happily lead…

  • Baby on milk

    Milk Can Sour

    Over the last few weeks, The Spirit of God has led me to teach on the subject of moving on with God. In becoming mature in the knowledge of Him. Most Christians are spoon fed a little scripture each week through their church service. Just like we would feed a baby, little bits at a time. Truthfully, we all need to begin our walks with God in this manner. We can’t be mature first and then turn into a baby with God. There is an order of time for our lives, both physically and spiritually. The Scriptures hold valuable insights into how our walk with God should grow. The first…

  • Justice

    Change Your Words

    The gift of healing is given to men to show the Power, Mercy and Grace of God to forgive. The Body of Christ often makes excuses as to why they are sick or filled with disease. The truth is that it comes as a result of sin. The Bible makes this very clear. As well, it makes it very clear that God is the One who sends or removes it. This is why the Bible also says we should fear the Lord God Almighty. Not some fear out of reverence, but a fear that God can do whatever He wants. His delivery system is the demonic realm. You might remember…

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    Desire This

    In every job I’ve had, I always made it about serving God My eyes have always been set on making the business money and helping people to grow in their walk with The Lord. Time after time I have prayed for other employees, customers, managers, owners of companies. Speaking life into their ears so they can grow. I have prayed for countless people. I have watched God move in so many peoples lives as a result. It has been pure joy to watch God move. What about you? What have you set your heart to do in this life? You see, if you continue to set your life in the…

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    Once Saved Always Saved

    Just because you may have been taught “Once saved, always saved!”, doesn’t mean it’s true. In fact, you won’t find any scriptures which actually say this. Jesus will tell one of His, “I will never leave You, nor forsake you!” That’s absolutely an amazing guarantee of His love for you. Does that mean you can’t lose your Salvation? Absolutely not. That isn’t what He is saying at all. Here are five ways someone who calls themselves a Christian could find themselves locked out of Heaven: #1 The practicing sinner Let’s begin with the “Christian” who flat out refuses to turn from their sin. That same little word, “sin”, which Jesus…

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    Missed It by an Inch

    Missed it by an inch… Almost daily, I receive friend requests from men in third world nations; desperate for help. They need money for food, water, clothing and often school fees. They live in poverty and don’t have any idea how to come out of it. They want to do what’s right before God, yet they don’t realize they have to live by faith alone. More, they don’t realize God is more then able to supply all of their needs out of His riches and Glory. This issue reminds me of the story found in the Word of God, where Peter and John walked up to a Temple and found…

  • The Last Penny

    You Should Know

    Most Christians today don’t give much thought towards the demonic realm Partially because their taught from pulpits they don’t need to worry about them. I have sat under Pastors who taught that we don’t have them in us as Believers. Further, it’s better if we just leave them alone. All of which is untrue. I have been blessed to have a church body where God has granted me people who walk in amazing gifts. Currently, the church has numerous seers, healers, prophets, intercessors, worshipers and other gifts. I can’t even begin to tell you what it’s like to have my seers gather together after a service and compare notes. Sometimes…

  • Go do what Jesus did

    How do you fit in

    Where do you fit in to this thing called Christianity? As God is lifting His Hand off of America and around the world, perilous times are coming. All one has to do is look around to see lines of division are already being drawn in the sand. There are those who love righteousness and those who abhor it. Few stand in the middle anymore. Even the most indifferent person with regards to God has made a decision. Yes…sides are being drawn as one person after the next chooses the Light or the darkness. Nobody can have it both ways. The devil knows who you are All I can say is…

  • Mom and Children

    Dear Mom

    Every Sunday, mothers will come up to me and ask for prayer. When I minister outside of the church, mothers are often those who seek out ministry. Most of them have a common issue. Fear, worry, anxiety and depression. For the next few minutes I want to share what I teach every single mother. And almost every time when they leave me healed and delivered, they say, “Why isn’t this being taught in my church?” The answer is this. The spiritual realm is busy. Demons are working constantly to take away the Truth of the Bible. They are constantly infusing doctrines of demons into the church body. Without a doubt,…

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    No Lone Islands

    Dear Christian…   In the years I have been a Pastor I continue to notice a trend in the lives of believers and followers of Christ. There tends to be a consistent error in letting others know when you’re being attacked with sickness, disease, distress and torments.   What bothers me is I know that the things you are struggling with aren’t even yours… They are works of darkness manifesting in you.   Paul made a Truth very clear in the Word of God… Let me show you.   Eph 6:12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the…

  • Sick in bed

    A Pastors Heart

    A Pastors Heart   When God gives a man a heart to shepherd His people, just know the responsibility is huge. Way beyond the scope of this writing. I take the call on my life with God very seriously. I know my judgment with God will be greater then yours. I know that if I teach wrong doctrine, or lead people astray I risk my life with God.   So when I tell you about the one thing that grieves me the most as a Pastor, will you not turn it into something it isn’t. God has shown me so much revelation through His Word, through personal words from Holy…

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    Bind and Cast

    When the devil comes along and says something about your spouse… Your response should be, “Did you really just speak negatively about my spouse? I bind your lips and cast you down in Jesus Name!” Heh… That demon will never speak again and is sorry it met you. And you will feel the peace of God immediately. This is spiritual warfare at it’s most simplistic form. Divorces would be non-existent if people were taught this. Relations between others would never be breached. Dear Christian, listen to me… You are NEVER waring against the other person. Ever! This is warfare. Stop fighting people. Fight the enemy and put some stripes on…

  • angels and demons

    Stop Fretting About The World

    Take heart dear Christian We are living in the most amazing time right now. God has placed us in a time and season that is becoming exhilarating to watch and be part of. Just know all that is going on is a power play on Satan’s part. He has already infested the majority of the world with sin. His army is directing his troops at every front right now. But what makes this so incredible is God is going to win. More, Satan knows it. But it’s all he has. He has to show his troops that he is a god and he won’t stop. He can’t. He’s filled with…

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    Don’t let the news bother you

    Now that you’ve read the news today… As we continue to watch what is happening in our country, it would be easy to speak out what we see in response. The problem is we can easily become part of the problem. This is a matter of spiritual warfare and we should not be found in want because we joined their ranks by our speech. In the Bible, there is a little verse hidden away which says; Job 22:28 says, “Declare a thing and it will be established” Now, you might reason in your mind “How could something I say change the outcome of what is already happening around the country?”…

  • Sin is like an infection

    Diabetes – Where’s The Healing

    Over the last year or so, I have been asking the Lord to help me understand why Diabetes is so hard to kick out of people. As a Pastor who is called to heal the sick and to set the captives free, it is discouraging to pray for people only to see them leave my hands with what they came in with. Over the last few years, I have prayed fervently for many people at the altar in church and in the marketplace to see them be healed.   Kicking Diabetes out by name has done nothing. So, I began to ask the Lord… show me.  I knew there had to…